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Advice/info Needed For Torn Achilles

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Maggie tore her Achilles running in the backyard. Not torn through so no surgery just a cast from thigh to around her foot. Her leg is casted in a straight position so no knee or hock bending. She just came home a little while ago and is still quite wobbly from anesthesia. Due to her back leg being straight, it's longer than the other back leg. Hoping in the morning she can walk. Has anyone had experience with this and do you have advice/info to share?

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We had a foster with this issue. He did get around OK, but had to be leash walked for, like, 6 months. Hopefully there's some kind of protection on the bottom of the cast for her foot - our boy had part of a metal splint sticking out of the cast covering his toes. Keeping it dry is important.


Make sure you keep *very* close watch on the cast. Greyhounds develop pressure sores very quickly, which can lead to a longer recovery time and other issues like infection.

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