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Spock Not Showing Interest In His Food

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Hello All,


Mr. Spock's daddy here....and for all you Trekys out there my name is not Sarek. For the record, Spock is a seven year old male that I adopted two years ago. I've been feeding him Purina Sensitive Skin & Stomach since his adoption.


When I took Spock to my Mom’s house for Christmas (4 & 1/2 hours away) he stopped eating the night of Christmas Eve. He had been to my mother's house once before and ate normally. Christmas morning again he wasn’t eating. I tried putting a little cream of chicken soup mixed in with his food, but he wouldn’t touch it. Christmas was pretty crazy at Mom’s, a lot of people and a very different environment for Spock. Saturday we drove up to NY to visit the rest of the family. Spock was still not eating, just dog biscuits and that’s about it.

I found that when I put his food in his bowl he would eat one handful at a time and he would finish it all (about 1 & 1/2 cups). When we got home I took Spock to his vet. She checked him out, temperature, teeth, felt around, etc. She said he looked normal. She suggested buying a small new bag of the same food, that perhaps it might be the bag, where it came from, ingredient change, etc. I bought a new bag and he seemed to eat it, slowly, reluctantly, but he ate it. Then after while we went back to not eating unless I put the food in his bowl one handful at a time. We went back to the vets office. Her theory was let’s rule out any medical issues before we start messing with his food, good point. She did blood work, took x-rays and a urine sample. The blood work and x-ray of his stomach looked normal. She said she had some concern about the x-ray of his heart. She said it looked big for a greyhound and it didn’t look like the right shape. She said she was going to share the x-rays with her colleagues on a discussion group to see if maybe his heart is just on the big side for a normal greyhound heart. That was Tuesday of this week and I still haven’t heard anything. I called yesterday and they said she was off for the next couple days. In the mean time Spock is still not eating normally. I have to sweet talk and coax him to eat about a cup to 1 & 1/2 cups of his food which takes about ten minutes. If I don’t he won’t eat it. He normally eats two cups. He’s very timid around his bowl, looks at me, paces and then eats a little. I thought it might be the kitchen linoleum floor because he is reluctant to come into the kitchen, so I tried putting his raised bowl on my dining room rug, but that made no difference. For the record I brush Spock's teeth daily with no yelping. The vet said his teeth looked ok except for a little redness on his rear molars on one side of his mouth.


Spock is otherwise normal. He's bright eyed, loves to play and cuddle. He's drinking plenty of water, though slightly reluctant with that as well. He's pooping and peeing ok. Help

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