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Problem With Hind Leg

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Hi all,


Looking for ideas on what might be wrong with our girl. She is 8 years old and has a history of seizures, and one episode of sudden blindness (overnight). She was on an aggressive steroid regimen after, and has regained some/most of her sight.


The Sunday before Christmas (12/20), she was lounging with me - sleeping on her bed. After 2-3 hours, she went to get up and yelped loudly, and immediately started limping. We had found a sweet gum seed pod in her bed that morning, so we immediately thought she had one stuck in her foot - we checked every foot, nothing. We felt around on her legs, hips, feet, etc. and she gave no indication of pain. She was putting very little pressure on her back left leg, but still walking. We decided to wait until Monday - and she seemed to be a tiny bit better. She was putting more pressure on that leg, so we monitored her for another day. On that Tuesday, she was much worse - not putting any weight on that leg - so we went to the vet within 2 hours.


They took 3 x-rays (top, middle, bottom) and found nothing abnormal - nothing broken, cracked or that looked anything like bone cancer or hip dysplasia. Vet said her leg looked perfect on x-rays. She checked her spine, neck, all legs, etc. and thought she was displaying signs of neck soreness and tenderness on that leg/hip. She thought it was a soft tissue injury. Perhaps she pulled something getting up? She also checked that on both feet, she is responsive (she turned them under and our girl immediately turned them back over, suggesting that she can still feel her feet just fine).


They put her on a 1-week course of Rimadyl. We limited her movements - no walks, we carried her up & downstairs and my husband moved into the guest room downstairs with her so she would be apart from our boy at night - and there is a door to the outside that has no stairs to make it easier on her. Christmas Day at my mom's she seemed to be doing really well - she was a little "wobbly" but she was putting weight on the leg and appeared pretty normal.


That night, we let her out and she found a bunny hiding in the yard and subsequently chased it. My husband ran out to her immediately, but she was already severely limping again - no weight on the leg. The next day we extended her Rimadyl for a couple of days, and got her Tramadol for 5 days.


Here we are, however, almost 3 weeks later, and she has shown almost no improvement. We have kept her downstairs - no walks - no stairs. I've also been gently icing her hip area when she lets me. She's not on any meds anymore - she is putting almost no weight on that leg at all.


We have another vet appointment in an hour. I'm still feeling like it is soft tissue, and our vet will likely give us a referral to our an orthopedist or neurologist - which I will absolutely do. Just wanted to post here to see if this sounds like anything to any of you?


We are going out of town next week, and I'm thinking I need to board her at our vet instead of her normal boarding place - just so they can keep her confined and watch her. I hate leaving her at the vet (she hates it, of course) - but she has difficulties just getting up. :(

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You know I would be checking her FOOT and pads etc with a magnifying glass. With horses it is almost always foot related-why wouldn't it be the same with hounds? Besides you've checked everything else. Hope it gets well soon whatever it is.

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Hi Racindog, I was literally also going to post an update that we checked her feet, as well! We went through some horrible vet visits (and medications, including a day-long trip to NCSU for testing and evaluation, when our boy was displaying front leg issues. In the end, it turned out to be a corn - or at least, as soon as I saw the corn and corrected it, he got better...


So many thousands of dollars later, we learned our lesson to check feet!

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Just got home from the vet - she is no longer responsive when they turn that foot under (she just lets it sit there); however, she does still have "deep pain" feeling (the vet squeezed very hard on her toes and got a small response). We have an appointment Monday morning with a neurologist. Since it is not bilateral, and doesn't seem to be painful or involve her back/spine, she thought it might be FCE (fibrocartilaginous embolism) - but that was just her guess based on what she is seeing.


This poor little dog has been through so much. :(

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No advice, just sending good thoughts to you and your girl. Will be looking for Monday's update. :goodluck:grouphug


Rachel with littermates Doolin and Willa, feline rivals Tootie and Richard, and squatter cats Crumpet and Fezziwig.
Always missing gentlemen kitties Mud and Henry, and our beautiful, feisty, silly

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