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Very good news! When they start getting stubborn and willful I always take it as a very good sign. Doodles got very stubborn about going outside to do her business unassisted, she'd skidaddle away from me with her wonky little gait. She was a pistol, still is.

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I am glad she is rebounding better! I hope today is even better.

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I'll bet from here on out, she'll improve quickly. When Desi had that big clot in a rear leg, I was in despair, because the other 3 legs are

none too good. The first week was a disaster, but once he started to improve, it came by leaps & bounds. And we all know the Twiglet will

NOT be held back. For a little bitty thing, she's got the strength of an ox. xoxo to our heroine!

Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.

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Sounds like she's making good progress! You go Twiggy!

Judy, mom to Darth Vader, Bandita, And Angel

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I'm sorry for not updating sooner! I just couldn't get to it yesterday.


Overnight on Monday, Twiggy started making some progress - she actually got herself up in the middle of the night, hopped to the bed next to the one she was on & laid down by herself! That was huge progress.


Then, the next morning (yesterday), I wanted to let her drink some water before I got her back down on her bed & while I was reaching for her water bowl, she decided to do a full body shake. All the motion threw her off balance, and she careened into a wall, then fell down the two steps into the downstairs room, landed on her butt/back, did the splits, crashed into the table and finally mostly got back up. I was only 2 feet away when this all happened, but I couldn't stop it! I felt awful.


In the process, she got a huge bruise on her butt, cut a chunk of skin off a toe and broke open the scab on her back leg from when she got cut up during her stroke last Thursday.


Whew, not a good morning! She had a pretty good day with Jamie (the rockstar from the vet's office who offered to spend the day with her) Then, she had a vet appointment in the evening, which was stressful for her. Twiggy loves going to the vet, right up until she realizes that it is one of those rare times that she is going there for an actual appointment!! Even though I was discouraged with her progress, her vet was actually very pleased with it, & OK'd low-dose aspirin, pepcid, and also recommended that I add dramamine (which they had given her on Monday & seemed to help).


This morning I needed to take her back to the vet's office for day boarding and Twiggy was really resisting walking. I'd try to move her front leg, and she would practically refuse to move her back feet. I decided to take a moment to collect ourselves and then I was just going to carry her the whole way...


But out of the blue, I saw that spark in her eye (the same one she gave the first time she decided she was going to go across the street after her amp) and OFF SHE WENT! With me at her side keeping her from careening off the walkway, she started trotting. She has only gotten better through the day, and she decided that she was going to go for a little walk after I picked her up tonight. It was only a half block, but it was her decision and she did it all by herself.


Twiggy will be Twiggy, after all!


Funny thing - This morning I wasn't going to put her collar and leash on her to go to the vet because she "wasn't going to go anywhere"... LOL! She proved me wrong. (good thing I thought better of it and put them on her anyway!)

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Wendy with Twiggy, fosterless while Twiggy's fighting the good fight, and Donnie & Aiden the kitties

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good girl, Twiggy!!! You just keep getting better!!!!! :grouphug:hope

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