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Home-Cooked Food?


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Daisy the terrier is picky. She has the strangest eating habits, too. She won't touch her kibble (Pro Plan sensitive skin - chicken makes her itchy) until it's like 7 or 8 at night, some days she wants to eat alone in the dark, others she has to have a human in there with her, and most days she grabs a mouthful and runs away from her bowl to chew it (yes, she CHEWS! It's so weird to have a dog that chews). She dropped weight when I brought her home because she was only eating half her daily allotment of food. This went on for about a month before I finally figured out that she's a canned food in the morning type of gal. But decent canned food is pricey! I'm using Purina Beyond at the moment (along with some Nature's Variety that PRH had and wasn't using) and it's not too bad cost-wise, but still.


I know home-cooking won't be much cheaper, but at least I can be sure the ingredients are good. And I can be sure there's no chicken.


Does anyone have tips on cooking doggy food? I know I could feed raw, but I'd prefer not to (though I am contemplating getting her witchy hands as an occasional treat :lol). I keep googling and I feel like I have a basic understanding of the necessary components (a protein, a carb like rice, and some veggies, as well as something for calcium) but I can't find anything that actually tells me how much of each to throw in a pot and cook for a 20 pound dog. And the most promising sites all want me to pay them to tell me what she needs...


Links, personal experience, anything would be very helpful! I had considered feeding a home cooked meal in the morning and sticking with her kibble for dinner, but if I can work out a complete, nutritious diet, I might just switch her over entirely.

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I used Dr Remallard when she was at the Angel in Boston to set up regular diets for all my dogs and she also created kidney and cancer diets for my dogs. If you google, she has a website for dog nutrition (https://petdiets.com/) and will set up a custom diet for a small charge. Angel Memorial used to have free diets on their site but, it looks like they redesigned their site and removed that information.


If you check some of my older posts - I provide what I give for my dogs and I give their weights - you could adjust for your dog.

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All of mine eat Iam's Green Bag Mini Chunks with these add-ins: Breakfast is a shared banana and a nuked sweet potato. Supper four nights is home-cooked meat loaf*, two nights is a shared fried egg on Texas Toast, and Saturday is Sardine Saturday. The meat loaf recipe is to divide all of this into two bowls and combine well, pat into two jelly roll pans that have been thoroughly sprayed with non-stick spray, and bake at 350 deg F for 60 min, switching the pans (top/bottom racks) half-way through. When they come out of the oven immediately scoop the meat loaf into two big bowls to cool. I freeze in Tupperware (two meals in each) and this recipe gets us through about a months' worth of dinners.


* Meat Loaf

4 lbs. ground turkey

4 cups oatmeal flakes

6 eggs

5 green zucchini, grated

4 yellow squash, grated

4 cups fresh spinach, chopped fine

6 carrots, grated

2 tsp. garlic powder

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