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Leash Pooping Success

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We just got back from a trip for which the dogs had to be on leash outside at all times -- no safe yard. Milo has never pooped on leashed walks, but I hadn't thought much about it until day 2 of our trip when he had still not gone. I tried something a friend who showed dogs told me about -- stimulus in the form of a little stick in the butt. She would do it with a wooden match a few minutes before her dog's time in the ring. It didn't work with my dear Romie, but it worked like a charm for Milo. I found a tiny but sturdy-looking smooth stick and stuck it gently about an inch up his butt. In, out, and a few seconds later -- voila! It worked again the next morning before the car trip home. It makes me more comfortable knowing that he's not uncomfortable.


In the TMI category, Jeter is just the opposite. Anytime he's outside on leash, he poops. Walk 5 times? Poop 5 times.


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Glad it worked, though I'm not sure I would want to be doing the stick enema before every walk. Hopefully Milo will catch on eventually, maybe you can get to where you can just wave the stick in front of him (aka Pavlov's dogs).


Not a problem here, as my two combined poop 4-6 times on a single walk.

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interesting though

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Aiden is sitting next to me while I'm reading this. He is cringing. Remember what happened to him when he had a bush poop FAIL. But I'm glad you had more success with the stick than he did. I think :lol

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There's all sorts of things that could go wrong with this method and I don't think it's advisable to rely on it in the future (risk of infection, accidental perforation, etc.). My personal thought for dogs that won't poop is that when they have to do it badly enough, they'll go. You just have to wait them out. As an aside, a wet cloth to the anus should also work - this is how a dam gets puppies to defecate (well, with their tongues, but I'm sure that's not a route you want to take :P) . At any rate, now that you're back from your trip, you should probably invest some time into training all your pups to go on leash. I've found that walking them in circles until they're so bored, they eventually up and poop works well. And at that point, throw them a big party. It should become rewarding for them to poop on leash. I had a foster once that was awful about pottying on lead, but she did eventually get the idea (especially when I found a treat she couldn't resist :) ).

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Guest SonjaAndStella

Thank you for this post! I adopted my second hound a few weeks ago and I could NOT get him to poop on his leash. Today, I wiped around his anus with a wet cloth right before going for a walk, and I walked him alone (I usually take them both at the same time), and he went on the leash! Yay!!

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