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Small Cut On Leg(Above Hock/see Through Area) Advice

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My boy has a small (approx. 3/4 inch cut on inner leg above the hock). It is the "see through" part of the leg above the hock if that helps. We are going to make an appointment asap but i am wondering if this is an area that can even be stitched or if it is a more bandage and let heal on its own type of wound.

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A picture would be helpful. But I usually find that there's not a lot of skin to work with, so unless there's a 'flap' that needs significant cleaning underneath, I clean things at home and use a series of sprays and ointments (Vetericyn, followed by Young Living's "Purification" oil and then an ointment) to clean and protect a wound. Bandages are only used for larger wounds here.


In general, <1" wounds would not require vet treatment unless they were really deep or I had concerns about cleaning the wound myself (or if bone or ligaments/muscles were damaged/exposed).


Does that help a bit?

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If it's where I think it is, I don't think there is anything there to use to stitch! I'd be more concerned with depth as opposed to length. If it's a cut, flush it with some Colloidal Silver if you have any or even Ouch less Baindaid rinse or something that doesn't sting, to keep it clean a couple times a day for a couple days, and let it heal up on its own. Prevent your boy from licking it if you can. It's not a place to even apply a bandage....their skin is so thin and they are so boney there!

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I buy toddler socks for cuts like this. My boy is a klutz. Cut the toe out, pull over the leg and use a couple of strips of vet wrap to hold in place. Keeps things clean and they can't lick it.

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