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Memorial Tributes To Auburn U’S Osteosarcoma Study Through Northcoast


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Our hearts go out to the families of the following greyhounds and family pets for whom sympathetic friends have provided a Memorial Tribute through Northcoast Greyhounds:

Diamond Roes

Sophie Matheson-Kenworthy

Jessie Hall

Soda Case

Boston Hedges

Anubis Burns

BiBi Barry

Beau Winders

Amy Makowski

Screamer Ingersol – two gifts

Jett Spinelli

Smudgie Waddell

Zoe Shide

Tyson Armstrong

Cabby Goodlett

Faolin Chistolin

Deveron Richardson – two gifts

From each memorial gift, a $25 contribution to the Auburn University study on canine osteosarcoma is reserved until a total of $250 or more has been accumulated- in this case, $500. The list of pets being memorialized can be read on Northcoast Greyhounds’ Memorial Tributes page.

Take wing, all you new Greyt Angels and Furry Friends. godspeed. You’ll be as well-missed as you were well-loved,

Cara and the Northcoast Greyhounds
Now On California's South Coast
FUN-Draising for Greyt Causes

Cara and the Northcoast Greyhounds






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