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Mason Got Horribly Car Sick

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Mason has never done well in the car, standing over me, panting and drooling. This trip was worse than usual; panting and drooling to the point that I called the vet halfway to St. Louis. He can't take Dramamine because it gives him diarrhea. We tried Benadryl but that didn't help at all. Any other suggestions for things we can try to make the car trip easier for both of us?



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Is it anxiety or motion sickness? My beloved boy, Carl, had a lot of anxiety about riding in the car. He once stood almost all the way on what should have been a 4 hour trip, but was closer to 6. It was awful and nerve wracking for all of us. This is a trip we make monthly at least 6 times a year. Luckily for me he was tremendously food motivated, even with his car anxiety. Whenever he would lay down, even if it was for a split second, I would verbally praise him like crazy and give him a treat. He quickly caught on that laying down was a very good thing. He finally got to the point where he stayed down for 97% of the trip! It also helps to blast the a/c as much as you can. If he has motion sickness, I have a friend who gives Cerenia before trips to her foster who gets explosive big D when riding in the car.


I'm sorry you're both going through this, I know what worry (and big drag) it can be. I hope it gets better for both your sakes!

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Just about any remedy that works for people you can try with your dog. There is also a drug developed specifically for car sickness in dogs called Cerenia. It works on their brains to ease the symptoms and is often prescribed for general nausau. However, our girl still drooled like a waterfall, though she didn't barf anymore.


Alternatively, acupuncture helped our girl the most. After a couple treatments, she now rides in the car just fine. It also helped with her nail-cutting anxiety!

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As a person who gets horrible motion sickness, I feel for Mason :( If I cannot be the driver, I have to take something. I have had good luck with meclazine (Bonine) but I am not sure if that is okay for dogs. When I fly, I have to take meclazine and dramamine. I do know that fresh air helps me a lot, I have been known to travel with the window down even when it's cold outside.

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Cerenia (by prescription) for the nausea.


Richard's Organic Pet Calm, from chewy.com, for anxiety. Worked better than rx meds for Mazy's thunderstorm/loud noise fears.


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As seeh2o mentioned, it depends on whether it's anxiety or true motion sickness. If it's anxiety, some training and desensitization can help. Or in severe cases, anxiety medication like Xanax or Valium. If it's true motion sickness, I recommend Cerenia for longer trips. For short trips, if he can't take Dramamine, you could consider meclizine (Bonine, Antivert) as Moneypenny mentioned (yes, it can be used in dogs).

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