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4Th Pre-Molar Removed, Question About Bones

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Tracker just had his 4th pre-molar removed due to slab fracture. I never give him marrow bones, just the occasional raw chicken feet or necks. God knows what caused the fracture, but once he's healed, should I lay off feet and necks? They seem such tiny, easily crushable bones, and it would be a shame to deprive him of that, but if he could fracture other teeth, of course I'd stop giving them. Thoughts?

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I doubt it's the neck or feet. (Necks have an awful lot of "give" when the dog bites down.)


He probably damaged the tooth chewing something else--possibly, from before he came to you--and the tooth finally broke. You might ask your vet. He might be able to tell you from looking at the tooth whether it was old damage finally giving way or just a brand new fracture.

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