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For Other First Time Owners.

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Just want to share my experience with my new grey.

Had him nearly 4 months now. He was shown to be fearful of small kids and small dogs. I got him through a great rescue group that really helps and supports adopters the whole life of the dog.

They have meet and greets every few weeks, been meaning to go before but never got too.


SOO yesterday I packed the husband and dog in the car, headed up for an hours drive to the location.

Yes my grey was abit freaked out at first, new place, strange people walking by and kids/dogs of all sizes.


But soon as he saw other greyhounds he switched into the goofy grey I know well, he acted like he did at home. LOL

He wanted to play, he wanted to roo. He was watching the other greyhounds too and really took his cue from them. He allowed small kids to pat him, little dogs walked past and he didnt care. He walked up to people for pats and showed how great greys can be.

He was sooo happy.

If you have the chance to do this with your greyhound, or even meet up for walks with other sight hound owners, DO IT!


It opened my eyes to how my grey could be all the time. There IS a way ahead for him to be a good well balance dog. We even got a couple to sign up for more information and interest to adopt.


I was worried before I went, thinking how all these other dogs would be fine and he'd be freaking out due to a kid looking at him. Never happened. Not even for a moment. I think he learned more in that hour then anything else we've done together.

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More than any other breed, greyhounds like being around other greyhounds. Even if they don't "need" to be, they still act differently.


What I want to know is how the husband did!!!!!

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Husband was left in the car with the windows cracked :) He had food and snacks. LOL


Sadly having other greyhounds jump into our car didn't teach our boy how to jump in..

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I'm glad it worked out for you, but I would not recommend, as a rule, taking a newly adopted hound who is also fearful to meet and greets. Meeting up with other hounds--yes. Taking a fearful dog and forcing them into a situation lime that can backfire.


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Our MIMI was hurt by a child. When we got her she was afraid of a lot. She would run around behind me a look between my legs, and would not allow her self to be petted by strangers.


Our male was the opposite, he loved people and had at times as many as 10 kids petting him.


It took time and reassurance, but today she is fine. When ever she hid, I would pet her and reassure her. Give love and patience.

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Kinda confused, no where did I state that I forced my grey to do anything. He CHOSE to do what he did by watching the other dogs. If he'd wanted to stay away from people he was given that choice too. He was on a long leash, he could have hid behind me or stayed on his mat. *shrugs* But he didn't. He showed no signs of avoiding people or of being stressed. No yawning or shaking his whole body (his normal cues).

I was also surrounded by other many years experienced greyhound owners.


I'd love another dog but as yet dont have the room.

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Glad you had such a good experience with him! Racing greys have been around other greys all their lives so it's probably quite scary for less secure ones to suddenly have none around. It sounds like he'd do well to meet up with other greys more often, good for him and for you :)


I've seen some first-time owners decide their grey wouldn't do well with a second dog because of how they react to other dogs while on walks. I always say see how they are around other greys first. Most greys, even if they aren't tolerant of random dogs, do fine with other greys.

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I used to go to greyhound playgroups and I remember one owner who had adopted an extremely shy dog. She was timid and scared of everything, and then they brought her to the run. She immediately started running and playing and it was like a lightbulb turned on (like this brand new world had something familiar in it). When they brought her home she was like a new dog. :) If only all cases of shyness were so easy, but it just goes to show you the power of a pack of greyhounds!

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We took him for a greyhound pack walk on friday. He loved it. He was rather excited and jumping around, trying once again to get everyone to play. We got told his behavior was fine as he didn't leave our side, and suggested we try him with agility.

He sniffed other dogs (non greyhounds) like it was no big deal, he greeted kids too. He got to roo with other greyhounds and nearly wagged his tail off..
He got growled at by another grey for being to playful, and he responded with manners. We got told he did what dogs should do and respected the other dogs wishes.
He's not an alpha dog either, happy being part of the pack and following along..LOL


So yes were are seeing into improving our house so its bigger and getting another grey. While also taking him to these walks as it really boosts his self confidence.

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