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Guest saltwaterron

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Guest saltwaterron

i am getting concerned about my grey..she turned 10 in august..her personality has changed and i dont know what is happening..her reluctance to go outside is the main concern..she gets up in the morning when i do..when i say it's time to go potty and get the leash she goes back to her crate and does not come out til late afternoon..because of that she is only eating one meal a day..when she does come out finally she is lively and ready to go for a short walk...she has frozen in her tracks after we return and it is difficult to get her to come inside..after settling down and eating she goes to her crate and sleeps..sometimes she gets up to go potty before we go to bed..sometimes not..then the whole routine starts over the next morning..im to the point of just leaving her alone and respond when she is ready..this is totally foreign to me..we did have to put our cocker down in august but surely this cant be a part of the problem..or can it?..any thoughts truly welcome

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Guest FordRacingRon

For what it's worth,,at 10 was about when ours started really changing too. And fast too. The one constant was, though , that through her entire life we always went for the morning walk so even as she phased into the weird dog I have now...that is constant.


We went from up and active all day and sleep at night to sleep all day and get up and hyper at 6pm and drive daddy nuts until 1 am. We went from eating breakfast and dinner at exact set time every day to sometimes only dinner, sometimes at 5, or 6 or 7 or 11 or when she gets hungry (and even skip a day a week if need be). I was a nervous wreck and knew she was fading on me.


I did take her for a bunch of tests though. All the tests (and you should do the basic ones to be sure) to even beyond the normal tests thinking we had Doggie Alzheimer to anything else. After around 4K worth of test (remember we were really nuts trying to figure out what she had) the last words from the neurologist as we walked out of his office were,,"this is probably just how your dog is going to be.


She is now 12 1/2 and still driving me nuts,,but i love her to death and accept what we do now (she won't go to sleep unless I sleep in the living room on the sofa near one of her beds,,,I go to bed in the middle of the night) knowing we don't have forever.


HAve a vet give her the once over

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