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Dental Spray

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I am looking for a good dental spray for my greys. Even with brushing their teeth they seem to build up a lot of tartar, just had our 7 yrs old teeth cleaned and know our soon to be 11 yr old will need it done also. I plan to have Katie's teeth cleaned one more time but at her age that will be the last time and need a good spray that will help. Does anyone use Kalvatin or know of someone who has, I believe it needs to be ordered by a vet. Any help will be greatly appreciated.





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I've used Leba II with great success.


I have used Healthy Mouth as an additive to water and I find that it doesn't do the job and actually that my boys do not consume as much water as they otherwise would. Put a bowl of Healthy Mouth beside a bowl of plain water, and the boys will drink the plain.

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