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Rimadyl And Pepcid: Am I Doing This Right?

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Can someone just check me and make sure this schedule of Pepcid/Rimadyl/food looks okay? Sweep started Rimadyl yesterday after Meloxicam didn't agree with her; she had a full week washout between them. She had Rimadyl last year very short-term and seemed to do okay on it, but she was only getting it once a day then so I want to check my timing here.


7am: 10mg plain (famotidine only) Pepcid

7:30: breakfast (1 cup GB Iams) and 1st Rimadyl dose (smidge under 75mg)

4:30: dinner (1 cup GB Iams)

7pm: 10mg Pepcid

7:30: slice of bread and 2nd Rimadyl dose (smidge under 75mg)


Full disclosure: the Pepcid is our own doing -- the vet didn't mention it -- but I'm paranoid about ulcers/bleeding. Starting tonight I might give less kibble at dinnertime and give her the rest instead of bread before dose #2. She's finally lost a few pounds and I don't want to undo that! Her weight on Monday was slightly under 65 lbs.



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