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First Aid Kits

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lavanid - salve and fluid to clean wounds, bandages, metacam (pain relieve and anti-inflammery) and lots of homeopathic globuli.

Sorry for butchering the english language. I try to keep the mistakes to a minimum.


Nadine with Paddy (Zippy Mullane), Saoirse (Lizzie Be Nice), Abu (Cillowen Abu) and bridge angels Colin (Dessies Hero) and Andy (Riot Officer).

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No car.


At home - saline, sudocrem, a syringe for flushing out dirt, cotton wool, dressings, vetwrap.

Cornflour in case a nail gets quicked.

Clean cotton rags - I always have a supply of these, they are useful for so many clean-up jobs around the house.

The odd old sock, t-shirt, etc, already customised to prevent a dog getting at a wound. Think I have some left-over rubber 'pawz' still too.


No antibiotic ointment - antibiotics are prescription-only in the UK.

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First of all I bought a large plastic tool kit at Menards to hold all my supplies. It sure has come in very handy and I make sure to always bring with to a meet and greet and all my greyhound trips.
I have: Wound Wash sterile saline spray, a small bottle of hand sanitizer (for me) cotton balls, q-tips, triple antibiotic gel, thieves oil, Purification oil, Vetericyn ( highly recommend this product for wound and skin care), Quick Stop, Pepto Bismol, thermomator, low does aspirin, Greyhounds are not "regular" dogs blood work lab result card, a small flash light,scissors, non-stick bandages, gauze, a number of rolls of vet wrap, Deramax, Benadryl and more vet wrap.
I my almost 9 years of having greyhounds I have become an expert at bandaging my hounds boo-boos.

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