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Time Change Won't Potty In Dark

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Our 14-3/4 y/o Darcy doesn't see well. For some time now, she will not potty on the last walk before bed when it is dark out. OK, no big deal. Unfortunately, now with the time change, it is also dark when we get home from work. Darcy now won't potty on the after work walk either. We do have street lights and carry a lantern. No luck. Darcy is not incontinent. If she has potty accidents inside the house, she will use piddle pads. Last night, she didn't have any accidents - just held it until this morning. That is a long time to hold it!


Any suggestions for those of you with dogs that won't potty in the dark?


I should add that Darcy only developed this issue as her vision declined.

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Try a light-up collar. It's better than street lights or flashlights because it puts the light right in front of her, with no cast shadows. I've borrowed one from my dogs and hung it around my own neck when lamp placement meant I was casting a shadow on my knitting.


(Try local sporting goods stores to see if they have headlamps for joggers. It's the same idea, but Darcy will wear it around her neck rather than on her head.)

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Does it matter how long the walk is? I've noticed that our greys will sometimes not go in the evening if the walk isn't long enough. (Or maybe it's that they haven't found the perfect spot yet!)


I've also read about "pee posts" that are treated with a pheromone to encourage dogs to urinate on it. I don't know how well they work but it might be worth a try.


KF_in_Georgia, that light-up collar looks really cool! It seems they have a new one now, the "PupLight2": http://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B008EPFFBC. Definitely going to give that a try!

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