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I have two wonderful greyhounds and each have a suppressed immune system for different reasons. I am hoping to find out what others are doing for their greyhound friends concerning vaccinations. We have been told by the neurologist and the oncologist to hold off on their vacations for now.


But I am not exactly clear on this matter. Should that be all or just certain ones ?


I have a form found on line that the Doctor can sign to verify the need not to vaccinate.


Surprise is on life time metronomic chemotherapy for the hemangiopericytoma (and pain med) that was removed from his leg.


San Tan Snuggles is on cyclosporine and prednisone (and other meds) for at least a year for GME.


Also what would be a good tick and flea and mosquito preventative to use on these sensitive greyhounds,

they seem to be very sensitive even to a half dose ?


They are still up to date as of this time. But eventually that will change.


We do not allow them around other pets or humans at this time, other than the vet because they are immune suppressed. .

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You generally don't want to give live attenuated vaccines to an immune-suppressed individual. Not sure if any of the main canine vaccines are live anymore? Apart from that, you *could* give any of them but there wouldn't be much point. If the dog is immune-suppressed, his immune system isn't likely to respond to the vaccine. So, you'd pay for the shot but probably wouldn't get good immunity from it.


Assuming adult dogs who have already had a couple rounds of vaccines, I wouldn't worry about giving them further. The only ones we give annually or every 6 months are Leptospirosis and kennel cough, and not everyone gives those to begin with.


For flea and tick, you can use whatever you please. If the dog has any adverse digestive symptoms from his/her therapy, you might want to go with a topical or flea/tick collar. If not, we like the oral meds Comfortis and Nexguard.

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If your dogs are immuno suppressed you shouldn't be taking them many places where they could be exposed to anything they would be vaccinated for anyway. I would not give them any shots for the duration - lifetime, it sounds like.


Many people have used food grade diatomaceous earth as a dust for fleas. Not sure if it works for ticks though.

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