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Putting On Weight

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So when Stella f.k.a Baby came to us almost 2 weeks ago she still had worms, and all of the unpleasant BM,s that come with that.

So she has been on a bland diet of chicken and Rice (with water mixed in) sense she has arrived. She has been eating 2 cups twice a day.

Little miss Stella had a race weight of 64 lbs , her medical records from GEGR said 60 lbs, and when we went to her wellness vet visit she was down to 56 lbs. Went back to get some more shots she is down to 53 lbs.

So now she is getting 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 cups twice a day. All bland, we tried to give her some kibble mixed in with her bland and it didn't go well.

She has done one coarse of Pana Cure and is on a anti-boitic.

Any suggestions on help putting the weight back on? Should I just weight and let the more food do its trick?

We didn't have this problem with our first Grey He piled the pounds on fast once he was home.


Ryan, Niki, Cole, Dino and Now Stella

Dino and Stella

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Change the chicken to hamburger (not fatty, at least 87%) and see if that helps any. Some dogs are allergic to chicken. You might also want to give another smaller treat during the day - I give mine slice of toast with butter or you could do peanut butter.

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I want my new girl Val to put on a few pounds, so I have increased the amount of regular food she gets a bit and added some canned food, about 1/4 can per meal. Canned puppy food is even higher in calories. This may take awhile, but slower is better.

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