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Making Home Cooked Food More Appetizing

Guest MeAndMouse

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Guest MeAndMouse
Short question: How can I make home cooked food more appetizing?

Full story:

I’ve been making food for Mouse for 3 weeks now, and she has stopped eating most of it. She’ll pick the meat out and leave the rest there. I’ve tried mixing in cottage cheese, yogurt, or low sodium chicken broth… she’ll eat it all for a few days, and then start just picking the meat out again. (I also have kibble out for her to eat, so she’s not starving. I’m actually trying to get weight on her.)

I am definitely not good with cooking and like very bland food for myself. Is there anything else I can do to make the food more appetizing for her? I’m trying to keep it low to moderate fat because she’s recovering from IMHA and is on a high dose of Prednisone. Here’s what she’s getting… I switch up the meat, grain, etc. every week:

Chicken or beef


Hard boiled egg

Rice, barley or pasta

Sweet potatoes, carrots, peas

Cottage cheese, yogurt, or low sodium chicken broth

Supplements: salmon or coconut oil, vitamin E, calcium and Missing Link

I’ve also fed it to her both cold and warmed up.

I’m okay if she really does like kibble more than what I make for her. I just thought I’d check to see if there’s anything else I can do before I stop.

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Seems like a very good diet to me. Are you absolutely certain it's not one of the supplements that she doesn't like (assuming you are mixing these with her food)? I home feed for mine also, and one of mine will not have any supplements on or mixed with his food, so I have to push them down his throat followed by a treat.


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Canned sardines are a favorite go to here. Not sure about sodium levels for mouse.


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I have a picky dog too. He will manage to pick out anything that is not meat.


Do you cook the potatoes, rice, etc. with the meat? That works well here. I throw a chicken into a pot (or crockpot) of water with rice or sweet potato and it makes a broth that naturally flavours all of the ingredients (and makes them smell good :) )



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throw it all in a crock pot with a can of cream of chicken soup (one can should be sufficient for a week's worth of food). I also used Stella & Chewy freeze dried food as 'crumbles' on top.


Mine also won't eat their foods with most supplements included, and one will walk away with any type of uncooked organ meat in the food bowl. I also cook my chicken in larger quantities (and then cut into smaller pieces before freezing) ... I use skinless meat pieces and brush mayo or coconut milk on top to keep the meat moist (adding some needed fat to the diet).


You may find some temporary help by raiding your spice cabinet -- a bit of mnced garlic, italian seasoning, barbecue sauce, or chinese stirfry sauce will all provide some interest without changing the diet too much.


Good luck!

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