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Peanuts In The Shell

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So I'm munching on some roasted salted peanuts in the shell and Ryder decided to grab one and lay down to discover what all this sound is about in my hands. I took it away from him and he got a real peanut instead, but I was just thinking.....can he have the whole thing, shell and all? I know the salted part is not the best thing but still, what harm would happen if he ate it in the shell? I think there are worst things he could get into being the food lover he is....

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decades and decades ago a rescue borzoi that i had was more than ravenous as she recovered from distemper. she did steal a #5 bag of fresh roasted peanuts while i was at school, shelled them and left a neat pile in the middle of the floor! she was remarkable in more ways than one. a brilliant dog who survived numerous life threatening situations and had personality plus.

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The problem with peanut hulls is that they are often contaminated with a carcinogenic mold called aflatoxin. If you are going to feed them to your dogs or eat them yourself and you find one with black stuff on it--even a tiny spot--throw it away. Don't eat the hull or the nut inside.

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