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Dehydrated Veggies From Frozen?

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Both my dogs are healthy and fed a variety of Orajen. No food issues, but I do add frozen veggies to some of their meals, other times they get a sprinkling of the dehydrated carrots. I use turnip greens, spinach, Italian mix with carrots, Italian green beans, zucchini, lima beans& cauliflower, also California mix with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and something else I don't remember. Also just lima beans, which Grace loves. As occasional snacks they get whole frozen Brussel sprouts. Summer and zucchini squash too.


If I do dehydrating I'd add sweet potatoes too.


Traveling throws a kink into the plan.


Can you use frozen veggies to dehydrate? While still frozen or should they be defrosted first? Then tossed into a food processor.


Nancy and

Grace - Andicot 2/1/07

Solo - Flying Han Solo 3/20/11

Missing: Murphy, Shine, Kim, Sprite, Red Dog, Lottie & Harry

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