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Diatomaceous Earth

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Guest DarkHorse

We like it for internal parasites. Dexter tends to throw up dewormers (twice each with two different dewormers) and topicals don't seem to absorb well, so we use Heartgard for heartworm and DE for anything in the gut. We've never had to deal with fleas, so I can't speak to external usage, but it's cleared up at least two rounds of tapeworms and one of hookworms (all of which were ~2 years apart).

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Food-grade DE is great stuff. I freaked out and bought a bunch at Tractor Supply after our hound picked up a million fleas from my in-laws' dog/house. This was when we discovered that Frontline had completely stopped working - tons of fleas in the middle of winter.


I've never used it on (or in) Marvin himself, but I did sprinkle it on the carpets, and I use it now all around the perimeter of our house, especially at the base of doors and porches where ants like to congregate after it rains. It doesn't seem to clog the vacuum like other carpet powders, and it seems a little bit goes a long way. I'm all in favor of things to control pests without chemicals.

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yep ... sprinkle in shaded areas of the yard to keep crunchy bugs under control too. Food grade only.


There are online articles that describe how you can use it yourself (internally) for some health benefits ... i'm not quite ready for that myself.

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