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Hesitant To Walk Away From Home - No Problem Turning Back

Guest lukas_mom

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Guest lukas_mom

Luka is now 4months old. When we got her at 8weeks she toddled along on short walks with no problem at all. She recently started sniffing around and all of a sudden just wanted to turn right back towards home. And I mean like a built-in GPS as we were at least 500m from home and out of sight. She would just turn towards home and keep going. No amount of coaxing would change her mind. So I tried a new park she'd never been to. The first walk there was great as she walked along and enjoyed herself. The second time round she walked up to the area where we stopped to play the last time - then after playing briefly she turned and headed back to the car on the exact same route around the field as we took to get there. I was flabbergasted as to how she managed that; but more worried as to why she is doing it.

So back to the old field we went but on harness. It took me 15minutes to teach her to walk on harness ,(i must say i was quite proud of her). Then on the second walk with harness she suddenly again refuses to walk and is just interested in turning back home agàin. I was patient and didnt allow her to 'win' by letting her turn back. I stood waiting until she stopped pulling. Then she gave in and trotted along. But now she still doesnt want to walk away from home and just want to turn back. If i pick her up and put her down in 'unknown' territory she'll follow ,- but as soon as we turn for home she'll gallop back,

How can i get her to stop this and,/ why is she doing this?

Please help!

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