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Guest Mjennings150


We have had our grey for about a week now. She has been great! She seemed like she wasn't afraid of anything, which was a relief because we live in the city. She heard garbage trucks, buses, horn honking, horse and carriages, people on segways, trains, boats, etc and did not even flinch. Yesterday afternoon on our way back from our walk, she heard a metal soda can rolling down the street was was terrified. She pulled me to the apartment and even nudged the door open herself. She had her tail between her legs and her ears back. We have walked her five times since then and she is spooking left and right. She is hyper aware of her surroundings and was terrified when she noticed a flag. We put her in a harness so she couldn't back out of her martingale, but she is still backing up and trying to take us back home. She is also doing the "statue" thing. A few times we didn't even see or hear anything out of the ordinary and she was afraid. She even got nervous around a fly. Does anyone have any advice about what we can do? We live in the city, so we can't let her out in a backyard and we can't make the noises go away. I don't want her to be anxious the entire walk... She doesn't even seem like she wants to go out anymore (we had to pull her out of the door) Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Guest Smashley

I am only very new to this greyhound caper but if it's any consolation our girl was extremely spooked initially by all the noises of life in a busy area. She was also doing lots of statues on walks and jumping when various noises (trucks really seemed to spook her ) went past. This has settled markedly over time, just with repeated exposure to these things. Interestingly she seems a little spooked by older men with beards-jumping a little when they go to pat her-making me suspect she may have encountered some not-so-nice men with beards!


Perhaps the noise made by the can was reminiscent of something that was scary in her life before you?


Sorry, no advice for you but just wanted to let you know our girl had some similar behaviours that have settled-hopefully yours will do the same :)

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If you can, bring her somewhere that isn't so "crazy" for a nice leisurely walk. If that seems to help, do that for a bit to build her confidence and then maybe find another place that is a bit more busy and work your way back to "normal"



Good luck.

our 10 year old dobie has grown afraid of loud noises recently

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When I adopted Brady rolling cans and floating plastic bags scared him badly. If I could not grab the can or plastic bag I would turn him and either cross the street or go back the way we came, gently talking to him while going another way.


I tried not to increase his anxiety, I kept him away from busier, noisier streets until he became more confident. When he statues I walked him in a tight circle around me to try and refocus him. If the first time did not work I would let him be and then try again in about 10-30 seconds. I could get him going again by about 3rd or 4th time. It takes a lot of patience and gentle words.


Brady hate flies and flying bugs, his eyes get huge and twists in a panic to get it off.


One summer a mocking bird built a nest in a tree and something about Brady's red brindle coloring set her off and she dive bombed his hind end and of course he stopped walking in his tracks just looking and she squawking and furious that we are not moving along and I am waving my arm over his but as she dove in.


The best advice I can give you is relax, your greyhound will pick up on any tension you are feeling during the walk.


Have you tried to drive her somewhere she is not familiar with and walk she may relax more. Also if you know someone who has a dog (does not have to be a greyhound) who is bomb proof that could walk with her to help build her confidence back could help.


The handsome boy Brady, mid-morning nap. The sun, the sun feels so, so, so good.

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