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Is Dried Liver Just As Good?

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We feed raw, but Jake doesn't like the taste (or texture?) of raw liver. He refuses to eat it. We end up cooking it for him, but as you can imagine it's messy and smells up the house! I bought some dried 100% beef liver the other day and he loves it. Will this do for his organ meat, or do we have to keep cooking the liver. I'll do it if he needs it, but man it stinks!


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i think it's fine. I'm deviating a bit, but it's timely - I was going over just this evening regarding what dried liver nutrients is in Springtime supplements and they had some interesting analysis breakdown in their dried formula that they put in their various supplements. Liver in general is good stuff to feed, full of vitamins and minerals, so I'd have to say dry or raw, they would likely be getting the same out of it. For easy organs to feed, I always went with chicken hearts. Cheap and very easy to add to food, since one little heart was generally enough to make up the ratio. On an aside, have you considered tripe instead of liver? Tripe can be a pretty good all around substitute for organs a few times a week.

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Dried liver is fine but just remember to take into account the dried vs raw amounts. You need liver for certain vitamins but you don't want to overdose. You will be feeding less of the dehydrated (I am sure there are formulas if you google it to convert the amounts).

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