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Senior With Weak Hind End. Supplements?

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Carolina is 13 and just recently I noticed that her back end isn't as sturdy as it used to be. She trips over her own back feet at least once or twice a day. If she walks or stands for an extended period of time, her back end will start to sink. She is able to right herself quickly and never gets anywhere close to sinking all the way down. She has been on Cosequen DS for several years. It keeps her moving, but I haven't seen it help with the back end weakness at all. Is there another supplement I can add that will help with her hind end?


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I'd have you vet try the depo medrol injections for lumbosacral stenosis. They either work or they don't. They didn't help Mimi, but I know several dogs that have had a huge improvement from it.


Lumbosacral Stenosis

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Guest freightsmom

Freight is 12 yrs old and getting shaky in the rear end. We took him off Springtime supplements, which had been doing a good job but was not really providing what he needed now. We put him on the Dasuquin MS and he has gained 3-4 years back in his ability to gallop and play. Great stuff but not cheap even from Amazon.



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Guest Ckellan

Our Ati will turn 15 in the next week or two and has been dealing with this for several years now. He is now to the point that all 4 legs shake when he first stands up. It takes him a while to get stable enough to move. The vet gave him metacam about a year ago which is an anti-inflammatory and has done wonders! He still runs and plays in the back yard with his 5 year old Chihuahua sister. The issue is still there, but the discomfort has drastically improved.

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I switched from Dasuquin (for other reasons) to Next Level joint fluid and saw a dramatic difference in Doodles. I'm going to try EFAC, per another thread. Since her FCE, her back legs are weakened.

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