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Vetigel New Product To Stop Bleeding

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Here's a new product that will soon be released to veterinarians to stop bleeding within seconds.




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Looks like an awesome product. Doesn't appear to have the downside Quick-Clot can; wonder if it is as effective. Doesn't matter. It will be at least a 100 years (if then) before any of these great KY vets get it. I am quite certain 99.9999% of them will not even know it is available and even if they did they wouldn't "go to the trouble" of aquiring any..

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A friend was mentioning it on a local forum today as a potential aid when a SLO dog loses a nail....

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Wow, almost seems too good to be true. Going to ask my vet if she's heard about it. I want some for myself. :P


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I just heard about this a couple days ago and sent an email to the company asking for more information. I got a fast response, and they said the safety and efficacy studies are being finalized for release. I also asked about it's application for greyhound bleeding issues and whether the suspected increased fibrinolysis (breakdown of clots) would affect how well their product works. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they are actually working with Dr. Couto. Can't wait to hear more about this product and for it to be released!

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