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Shoes To Protect A Boo Boo

Guest Shermanator

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Guest Shermanator

Travel has 2 nail bed injuries. On 2 separate paws. I can't get them to heal because she keeps licking.

Can't use an e collar because we have a dog door.

Can't use socks, she lucks and chews through them.

My last resort are shoes. http://www.thedogoutdoors.com/ultra-paws-cool-boots.html

We need shoes anyway for the summer. Do you think I can leave these on all day to protect and heal her boo boos?


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She could most likely take them off. Mine remove their booties if I am to slow to get to them.

Have you tried atropine drops? one drop on the toe a bit above the nail bed. One lick and she will leave it alone. Your will have to get it from your vet. My vet laughed when I told him what I wanted it for the first time. One bottle lasts a very long time. Works great to keep them from licking stitches out.

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We used the inexpensive Paws boots when Nixon injured his toe




They're a bit hard to get on, but once it was on he never got it off.

The 'blue' size fit him nicely.


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