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Good Health Insurance Article

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My feelings about pet insurance are: YES.


I've taken out pet insurance on each dog right after adoption.


Taylor was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, front right leg, on January 10.

Embrace has paid out close to $10,000, at 80% of billed costs.


His insurance premium cost (he's 6-1/2 years old) ?

$500.00 a year. That's $1.37 a day.


Not even a half a gallon of gas in most parts of the country, and even though I don't drink coffee, I believe that is way less than a drink at Starbucks.


It's insurance. You hope you don't have to ever use it, but it sure paid off in my case.


I would fax in a claim form after every visit, along with the invoice.

Within 24 hours I would get an e-mailed acknowledgment.

Within a week I would get an email showing the claim has been approved (they all were approved for this situation), and a few days later, I would have a check.

Checks were flying in all the time, and that meant the boys and I could go to the bank and they could get COOKIES!!


And for the people who say they would rather just save the money each month and set it aside in case it's needed, that $500.00 will pay for one radiation treatment. That's about it.

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