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Return Of Separation Anxiety

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I have had Cozett one year this past February. when we first adopted her she had seperation anxiety. With behavior interventions and meds..she accepted being home alone. We faded the meds after a few months. Even looked forward to it knowing she was getting a treat. Recently she has started be anxious again. She is very attached to me..following me all the time. I walk and feed her..but she snuggles with my husband. She is a very social dog. I think a second dog would help her...she needs to be with someone all the time. We always had two, but she is so active and playful my husband is giving me a hard time; saying the house will be crazy.

Today was very bad when I left for work..climbing on bay window, barking. I left and came back a few minutes later. She was a wreck, panting etc. thinking she was bored with the bull stick and gave her a different bone...restarting the departure routine. I heard her barking when I pulled out of the driveway, but no accidents or damage in the house. I have a call into my vet. She is off today, will call tomorrow.

Any suggestions as to why this has re-emerged and how to handle it would be appreciated

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