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Heartworm & Flea Prevention Pills - Safe For Greys?

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Years ago when we first adopted, we were steered away from certain flex, tick and heartworm preventatives as unsafe for greyhounds (it was so many years ago, I can't even remember which ones). We have stuck with just a heartworm pill (doesn't protect against fleas or ticks) for all these years.


We have never had many issues with fleas, or ticks, but with the newer medications that prevent against everything, we might switch. I was wondering, though, which ones are safe for greyhounds? I did a little research and found Revolution, Advantage and Trifexis. They all protect against heartworm and fleas, and I think Revolution also protects against some ticks.


Anyone have experience with these?



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I usually stay away form any preventative that controls more than 1 pest. I had to recently move Lucy to a new heartworm because she has IBD and the last one could cause GI distress. Well, the new preventative that was recommended not only did heartworm, but also fleas. Lucy is also a seizure girl and the new preventative caused a seizure.



The more that is controlled with a preventative, the more of a load to the immune system ... some greyhounds can do OK, others not so much ...

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I used Revolution before on my (now late) greyhound with no issues whatsoever. As you noted, it protects against *some* ticks, but not all, so if you live in a tick endemic area, you'd probably also want to use a tick collar, such as Preventic.


I currently use Sentinel for heartworm and Frontline Plus for fleas/ticks (we never have a flea problem, but I've heard Frontline doesn't work as well on them as it used to).

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Honestly, I think that ANY dog can react to a certain medication, but there is no specific "don't use on Greyhounds" preventative any more. Maybe one of the vets on the forum can confirm? I had a pit bull mix who was projectile vomiting within 20 minutes of me using a tick collar on him, and surely it wasn't "not safe for mongrels." Some dogs, of all breeds, are more sensitive than others.


I'm using a Seresto collar this year, and so far so good!! Works on fleas and ticks, no greasy monthly treatment, and it isn't bothering Buck at all.


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Honestly, I think that ANY dog can react to a certain medication, but there is no specific "don't use on Greyhounds" preventative any more. Maybe one of the vets on the forum can confirm?


Yes, this is correct. All of the current heartworm preventatives, and most of the prescription or veterinary-marketed flea/tick control products, are safe to use for greyhounds. And as Susan stated, any individual dog can have a bad reaction to any particular product, but that's pretty rare with most of the newer products.

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FWIW, we use Nexgard and Heartgard Plus.


Ditto. Our guy was on Frontline Plus and then he picked up a massive load of fleas from my inlaws' place over the holidays, just a week after his previous dose. We switched to Nexgard and have been happy with it.

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Heartguard Plus and the Seresto collar here.


Gave up on Comfortis and later Trifexis due to episodes of vomiting and loose stool on the days given.


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