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Karma 2002-May 13, 2015


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Sigh....I never thought I would be writing this, but here we go. Wanted to keep it short....but that didn't happen as usual (sorry!)


Karma was my heart dog, and very special. She was my first "on my own" dog and was really the perfect dog, despite her horrible past. Karma was a rescue from Northern Ontario. She is likely the cross between a sled dog (Alaskan husky) and staffie (according to her DNA test she is husky, staffie, sighthound mix). She had suffered extreme physical abuse as a young dog (still had scars on her face) and was dropped off at the shelter. She was deemed unadoptable because she would cower and shiver in the corner continually and wouldn't approach anyone. My friend's sister who lives up north rescued her and kept her for quite a few years. She named her "Karma" because she thought that maybe her bad past could be changed to positive things in the future. Unfortunately, due to extreme separation anxiety, and because she would constantly run away, she couldn't keep her. She tried a few homes, but they didn't work out either. Despite this, Karma was such a loyal little dog that she would constantly escape and always return to the door of her previous home, even through miles of wilderness.


At around this time, I was moving in with a friend and wanted my first dog. My friend said that her sister had a sweet and very loyal and obedient dog who maybe just needed some attention. I wasn't so keen at first, but she sent me this pic (Karma's on the left) and I couldn't resist that sweet, loyal little face.





I won't go into detail, but basically Karma was afraid of many things (food, older men, any man with a hat, being left alone, public places etc)...she would shut down going into petstores or the vet office. She would literally collapse and lie down and shiver. If I offered her any food she would also just shut down and shiver, thinking she would get in trouble for eating. I continued to just take her everywhere with me (since she hated to be left alone) and eventually she gradually got over things. For the last 5 years of her life, Karma confidently trotted into stores, the vet office, or any public place. Although she still cowered a bit at sudden movements, she also started approaching people without fear (even old men!!). I took her hiking and jogging every single day and never once did she even think of running away. She could be off leash anywhere and was the most perfect dog you could ever ask for. She was my loyal companion for every single one of my half marathon training runs, and has been on hundreds of hikes with me. She was the type of dog that you could take anywhere and she would behave perfectly, on or off leash. She just wanted to be with me.


Karma as a young 5 year old when I got her.



We have trekked many, many hundreds of miles together.













Even when she didn't want to do something, she obediently obeyed and just looked at me with her pathetic look.



Due to her past, Karma always thought she had done something "bad" and often gave the pathetic guilty look for any little thing (lol she buried Teague's bone in the garden here).



I had Karma from the age of 5, and she literally showed no signs of aging or illness. She had never been to vet for any health problem, and we always joked that she would be the dog to live to 20.


Sadly, about 3 weeks ago, I noticed that Karma would no longer run on walks. She also had a minor on and off again cough, that I at first attributed to a virus. I took her into the vet, got x-rays and was gutted at the news (I won't repeat it all as it is in the health forum). Basically a heart failure diagnosis that turned into a cancer one. She gradually declined over the past two weeks, and after trying everything possible, I came to reality that her time was coming to an end. :( Despite the fact that she got weak and tired, she still managed to get up and scramble to the door when she heard us getting ready for our daily walk. She would never miss that.


One of my last pics of my sweet Karma before having to make the hardest decision I have ever had to do.



Ughh...this seemed to come up so suddenly and fast. I am still in shock that my sweet little girl is gone. Every little thing I do around the house reminds me of her. My friend has travelled up north to Karma's original hometown this weekend. She is going to dig up a tiny tree in the woods to bring back here. I am going to plant it at our favourite look-out on our trail. That way I can remember my girl every time I go hiking.


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone show offered support and comfort during this time. We really appreciated it. :)


Rest in Peace my sweet little Karma. I doubt I will ever have such a loyal, polite, and well-behaved friend again.

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She was meant to be with you. If only it could have been forever. You helped her become a happier, confident dog and a loving companion. :grouphug


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Oh I'm so sorry to read this. Karma was so sweet. We were very happy to go hiking with you two. It's not the best photo as she looked away just as I was snapping the pic.... Rest well Karma. :f_white



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I'm so very sorry. I wish she could have stayed longer.


Godspeed Karma.

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What a sweet girl. I am so sorry for your loss.

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So very sorry for the loss of your sweet Karma.

Remember all the good times.....


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What a beautiful little girl :wub: . I'm so sorry she had to leave you.


Godspeed, sweetheart.

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So sorry you had to say goodbye to Karma and :grouphug to you in your grief.


When a relationship of love is disrupted, the relationship does not cease. The love continues; therefore, the relationship continues. The work of grief is to reconcile and redeem life to a different love relationship. ~ W Scott Lineberry

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She was a very special girl. Love her sweet face. I am sorry for your loss.


Run free Karma, run free sweetie...:gh_run

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Gus an coinnich sinn a'rithist my boys and little girl.

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Your tribute is beautiful and paints such a grand life well lived and loved. The photos could even stand alone, they are so wonderful. One of my favorite quotes is that Our lives are often referenced in parts defined by the all-too-short lives of our dogs. What a glorious part you and Karma made. I am so sorry it was her time. :grouphug


Rest well pretty girl. For sure, you will be with your mom when she is hiking your favorite trails.

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What a beautiful tribute. How lucky Karma was to have you take her in when she needed you most. I'm so sorry that she had to leave you. :grouphug


Godspeed, beautiful girl.


Tricia with Kaia and Kyle
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