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Olewo Carrots - Will My Grey Like Them?

Guest daytonasmom

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Guest daytonasmom

Daytona really doesn't like carrots at all, spits them right out. Should I spend the money to try Olewo carrots? He has pretty loose stools most of the time. When I first got him I tried the Iams green bag and that seemed to make things MUCH worse, same with a probiotic. That may have been part of just adjusting to being a pet and now he would do better... I keep hearing such great things from everyone here about the Olewo carrots I want to try it, but if my dog won't like it? Anyone have any experience with this?

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Mix a tablespoon of the dried carrots with about 4 ounces of HOT water and split half of the resulting carrot mix into each of his daily meals. It is more the consistency of a cereal or thin oatmeal at these portions, and will pretty much disappear into his kibble and won't be all that noticeable if you wet his kibble and stir in the carrots,


We've been using it now for over 6 months and have consistently "solid" results. A little goes a long way, and we've found that this portion works well for Rocket who is about 80-some pounds. The directions state to add oil into the mix, however we have not found the need to add oil.


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Annie does not like any vegetable. She sniffs at a carrot and ignores it. She does eat her kibble, though, with Olewo mixed in. I don't think there's any taste to it. It has no smell that I can detect.


I mix up a couple of tablespoons +/- and water --- hot or cold doesn't matter --- and let it stew, so to speak. It's usually the consistency of soupy squash, though it can be any consistency if the amounts of water and dried carrots are shifted around. I do usually follow the recipe on the package but I omit the oil. I make up enough for 3 meals and refrigerate, adding warm water to the kibble when I stir it in. Annie doesn't know it's there. It helps her poo to be firmer, but it's not bouncing or rolling down hills. Nonetheless, I think it's worth it, and a small bag lasts a long time with just one dog.

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My two really like the Olewo carrots and the beets. When I adopted a galgo in February he had really loose, large volume stools. The Olewo carrots helped somewhat, but what really firmed him up was a probiotic/digestive enzyme supplement. In just a few days, his stool volume decreased significantly and I could easily pick it up with a doody bag. I ordered this one from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/NATURVET-978047-Enzymes-Probiotics-8-Ounce/dp/B001F2GDJ4/ref=sr_1_9?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1431730704&sr=1-9 It helps balance gut bacteria and helps utilization so there is less waste.


About two months later a friend adopt a greyhound straight from the adoption kennel and she was having large stools several times a day the consistency of pudding. I told her about this stuff and my friend was sceptical because she had previously tried probiotics alone with another dog without any significant change. I gave her enough to try it for about 5 days and she firmed right up.

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