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Corneal Stromal Abcess/infected Ulcer & Corneal Erosion

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i'm not sure if this should be in medical/soap box or everything else GH....what a saga!!!


joe and i have been a wreck. annie our 7.5 year old female who has been on bed rest for over a month now w/ a soft tissue injury and calcification of her shoulder where the tendons and muscles bundle is finally not limping and now on walking rehab. so, she's feeling better- yes, and caught a robin in the yard. her second one this season. (we drove back to ny from florida in march w/ a screaming dog who went lame).


well, with this catch she managed to really injure her eye. i noticed that it was weepy, immediately stopped the steroid based meds we use for pannus and 2 days later since there was not an improvement took her to the vet. a new vet since my long term vet of 38+ years is semi-retired and was out of town. i didn't want to go to the emergency vet my long term vet refers his clients to, it's also time for a 2nd i needed services and he wasn't in, time for a new vet. i was very happy w/ this professional, caring, thorough person, late 40s(experience and she has quite a few other GH clients and a partner, off hrs. emergency situations you call either one of the vets on their cell phone) and she took us promptly- within 2 hrs of calling. ( i did try to get to her when annie initially had her neck/shoulder issue but her digital x-ray machine was down and i wanted rads thinking the worst- i ended up w/ a top ortho man at the emergency/specialty center (and dr. couto examined her at gig and asked for x-rays).


the eye needed triage which she did recieve- and she sent me to her eye specialist- the cost $100 less than the speciality/emergency center. the new vet prescribed 3 other topical meds aside from the triple antibiotic ointment that i put her on(quick examined her shoulder/neck as well). she stained the recently injured eye and gave a look/stain to the other eye, which was injured 1 year ago in a cat fight. supposedly the ulcer was healed, but she found an area that was ulcerated again!


so, we made an appointment w/ the specialist for monday, our visit to the new vet was friday and i found the dead robin on wed. so, this was done in a pretty timely manner i think. the specialist are a husband and wife team have fantastic credentials- she graduated in the top 10% of her class at cornell and had a prestigious residency at the Animal Medical Center in Manhattan. He's tops in his field and is an active teaching dr.


As it turn out annie has corneal stromal abcess & infected ulcer in her recently injured eye. the nature of the abscess and ulcer prevents topical antibiotics from penetrating the wound and attacking the bacteria. she's still on topicals for it but she's now on cefpodoxine, 200mg daily to target the infection(that's a super strong antibiotic which targets staph, strep, e-coli and other bacterial strains that are resistant). the pannus is looking pretty good but there are still extra blood vessels near the cornea which are to her benefit since they will feed the antibiotics to the infected area. who would ever think that pannus could be beneficial? the eye that was "healed" has corneal erosion and the ulcer is at it again. both are being treated w/ the same topicals.we are going back for a recheck on monday.


this is a pretty painful and dangerous situation. she's on tramadol/gabapentin/metacam for the neck/shoulder and has been crying out in pain w/ her eye. mmmm....now that i notice i haven't heard her this morning!! also, the infection is currently in the cornea, if it enters the eye itself we are in trouble, big time.


anyone else out there who has experienced this or knows of another animal(from what i have read it's pretty common in horses)?are there other auto-immune diseases out there in GH community that affect the integrity of the cornea? or is she just accident prone?


let's hope the meds do their trick and major surgery is not necessary and most of her eyesight will be saved. i do think annie's current name needs to be revised- either Catastrophe or Calamity Jane!! And i need to become a member of Jessie James' gang and get my cut from the bank robberies.

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Poor baby-give her a gentle scritch for me. Had a couple eye issues on dogs but none as serious as yours. Momma had some kind of corneal abrasion and my vet-who I also lost ecause she sold her practice-had me put atropine/gentamyecin/ and a horse medicine called equinox I believe it was into her eye. It took roughly 6-8 weeks to totally get well; there was a healing and then a 'relapse' etc and I was concerned it might become a chronic issue but it eventually healed all up and never recurred. So don't get discouraged if it seems to take awhile and be hopeful for a compete cure!

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thanks Racindog, the first eye took forever to heal, i was astonished to hear that it's re-uclerated. but from what you stated there was a relapse. my retired vet took care of it with the cat fight injury, even though the ulceration or scratch did not show up on the initial visit when right after the confrontation. annie had a rabies booster that visit. he then helped reduce the scar tissue, but this all took time, a long time. hopefully this specialist will combat the situation promptly before a dangerous infection set in.

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so, it's one week of oral antibiotics, 3 drops,- every 4 hrs and ointment 2xs a day. the infection is responding to the antibiotics. the pannus in her eye that was ulcerated went crazy since it wasn't being treated since the eye reulcerated under scar tissue. the vet, a really wonderful person, debrised(sp?) the build up of tissue using a diamond head tool. he smoothed out the surface and feels that the ulcer will heal. the other eye w/ the infection is looking good. we are now down to drops 3xs a day and ointment 1xs daily.


as it turns out he was up in alaska working w/ huskies and pannus for 10 years. huskies #1 in pannus, german shepherds #2 and greyhounds #3!!! i was discussing the osteo rates- 1 in 4 and he said, "better pannus than osteo, this is nothing to clear up, don't worry"


he did mention that the steroids used to treat the pannus will leave the eye more vulnerable to infections. also, it was just a scratch that became infected, it's one of those things, like an football player who hangs out in locker rooms and gets scratches, they are more vulnerable to mercer infections. it's just bacteria...


so, if anyone in the tri-state area wants a great ophthalmologist check lout www.vesny.com annie sure did luck out!!!

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