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My Mac Is Fading Fast..

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Don't know where else to put this..not really looking for anything other than to vent a little..have had Mac to vet 2xx in last 2 weeks..started with limp in L front leg..he turns 13 next week..checked for the big 'C' and Valley Fever..both negative..vet put him on an anti-inflammatory ..seemed to help a little.. not limping so bad and seems to have a LITTLE more spunk...for the past year or so he's been getting so frail and weak..after even a short walk his hind legs sag and bend so he's walking like a German Sheppard ..stumbles when on uneven ground..sleeps almost all the time..face is all white ..eyes are cloudy..just wearing out .... but things seem to be accelerating ..his world has grown so small..still eating good so there is that..Doc said when his eating slows it'll be time..we could go whole hog and do MRI and other tests but to what end?...then said the words none of us want to hear.." in a dog that age"...yeah..yeah yeah ..I KNOW!!!..I just don't want to hear it ..don't want to accept it...he's 13..I've been his Macdaddy for eleven and a half...just breaks your damn heart but i swear i won't let things go too far...I owe him that..when he no longer enjoys his few pleasures I'll take him on his last ride..share a cheeseburger and hold him tight as he crosses the bridge..why can't they be like tortoises... :cry1

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I've been where you are too many times. It never gets any easier to deal with.


I think a ride and a cheeseburger sound like a fitting final memory. :grouphug


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Hugs. Lots and lots of hugs.

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I can just feel your pain. It's so hard to see their bodies wearing out. I've been through this many times and it's never any easier. Cherish every minute of a life well lived. :grouphug

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Spoil him rotten. Ice cream goes well with cheeseburgers. So sorry you are approaching this point.


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Guest PiagetsMom

I am very close to where you are, and I know how much your heart is hurting. Every day I promise Mirage that I will do my best for him. Sending you a :grouphug

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I've been there to many times. It hurts like crazy. Hugs to you both.

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"Why can't they be like tortoises?" Well put. I've also been there too many times and understand your sadness and wanting to do right by your boy. You will. Eleven+ years together has made a lot of memories. Reminisce together while you share hugs and cheeseburgers. :grouphug

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How much I feel for you...I went through exactly the same with y adored Ivy-Blue already some years ago, but the memories are fresh.

My boy had a perfect appetite until his last day and the progressing impossibility to move his 4 legs at as well 13 years, made us take the saddest decisión. I had him for 12 and a half years, as he entered my life as a puppy....I will never forget him.

I wish you strength andmy thoughts are with you...





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Marion, Ivy & Soldi


Perseverance is not a long race...

it is many short races one after another.

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It does break your heart. :(


It's so hard wanting to do the best for them, but not necessarily knowing what the "right" thing is, or when. :grouphug




When a relationship of love is disrupted, the relationship does not cease. The love continues; therefore, the relationship continues. The work of grief is to reconcile and redeem life to a different love relationship. ~ W Scott Lineberry

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You've done and are doing your best for Mac, it does hurt but it is true that "it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"


Sending hugs for you both.

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13 years is something to celebrate in it of itself. I hope that he's up for spontaneous car rides to get a burger, ice cream or a pup-a-cino at Starbucks just to celebrate him. Enjoy the time you have left and take lots of photos. What I wouldn't give to have been able to take Grace on car rides like that....we didn't know her end was near. We lost her in a matter of hours at the e-vet and while neither situation is "ideal"....I wish I could have gotten her one last indulgent treat.

Just remember--from his perspective, better a day too soon than a day too late.


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Guest FordRacingRon

I feel your pain too. My girl will be 12 in a couple of weeks and I have been her daddy-man for over 9 or those. Every week something happens and I say this is fianlly her telling me it's time,,then she bounces back. I know soon the bounce back won't be.


Scary thing is she has a tumor on an eyelid that has to come off because it rubs on her eyeball and that means sedation. That could be it because as you have been told,,,well she is 12 years old. fff


All we can do is hug and love on them and know in our hearts we gave them the best possible life. Doesn't make it easier for us though,,my allergies are welling up as I type this.

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