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Eating Dirt

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I know other dogs will eat dirt. Does yours? How do you make them stop?


Miriam has recently began eating dirt. She is eating the dirt at the bottom of the steps going into the yard. We haven't a clue why. Neither Pogo or she does their job there. Roy wonders if there could be salt runoff into the soil and she is craving salt??? Her appetite is normal. She eats her regular food just fine.


Any advice as how to keep her from eating dirt?



Annette, mom to Banjo (AJN Spider Man) & Casey (kitty), wife to Roy. Mom to bridgekids: Wheat (GH), Icabod (GH), Scarlett (Cab's Peg Bundy), Rhett (Kiowa Day Juice), Dixie (Pazzo Dixie), Pogo/Gleason (Rambunctious), and Miriam (Miriam of Ruckus) and Spooky, Taffy, Garfield, & Lefty (kitties)

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Guest firegypsy

I'd love to know too. Mine were going nuts over the dirt today-in a particular spot where no one does their business either. Color me confused.

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