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Lyme Treatment Question

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I recently brought my 8 year old boy to the vet for his heartworm test and to check a lump between his shoulder blades(abcess). His lyme test was positive(first time he ever tested positive). and titer came back at 84 so he was on amoxicillin for two weeks to clear up abcess and treat a sheath infection. He was started on doxy for the Lyme on Tuesday because of the high lyme titer. 400mg once a day. My husband and I both noticed that he has been noticably "mushy" since right after starting the antibiotic. He was basically asymptomatic although what I attributed to old age ( not wanting to walk as far and Elvis Legs, front and rear leg shaking after running in the yard, was maybe some sign of the Lyme). He just seems tired. I noticed today when I took him for a walk that he walked like he was tired, not limping or stiff though, and he was panting even though it was very cool out and his skin temp was not hot at all. We walked in the door and he just walked right to his bed, laid down and not another pant. That is why I believe he was not hot. His color looks normal to me but I am concerned having owned a dog that died from Ehrlichiosis invading his bone marrow and organs. Can the antibiotics make him feel this way? Could it be the Lyme? I thought they were supposed to feel better after starting the doxy but he seems worse. I am calling my vet tomorrow but would appreciate your thoughts/experience with Lyme treatment. Can Lyme affect blood the way Ehrlichia can?

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Do call your vet but likely the antibiotics. Could help to give him some tummy meds (e.g., one regular Pepcid or 10mg generic famotidine twice a day). Hope your baby gets through his treatment and feels much better soon.


You don't see the same sort of blood value changes with Lyme as you do with Ehrlichia and some of the other tick-borne diseases. Mostly the tiredness and arthritis-like symptoms AFAIK.

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