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Salmon Oil Toxicity?

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Oh my. While I see diarrhea in your future, all I can think of is that their blood may be thinned to the point of not clotting until the salmon oil is out of their system. :dunno


Googling around I see mention of increased bruising, dizziness and nausea.







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Call your vet. That's a lot of fat and there may be a risk of pancreatitis, but I'm not sure what the vet would advise. 8 oz. of Salmon oil is generally 335% an adult human's daily allowance of fat, and I don't think it helps that it's "good" fat.


And yes--there's the clotting issue to worry about.

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I don't see much sleep in your immediate future!


So sorry for your kids. (though, at least right now, they're probably not so sorry!)

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I am convinced some (possibly rancid) fish oil gave my dog a near-pancreatitis crisis (she was just under the threshold for acute pancreatitis). If you see any problems (hers was diarrhea that did not resolve over some days) I would take it very seriously. She was on a pretty heavy dose of metronidazole for a month and has been fed low fat ever since.

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The E-vet is probably going to tell you to call the poison line.

They did. I did.


I'm to expect barfing and poop leakage. Fudge.


Dad and I made the 15 hour drive from Florida yesterday. I arrived home at 1:30. Sleep at 2:30. Awake at 6:30 -- then bridesmaid crap for the big fat Guate-Paki-Rican wedding all day. I'm so done. The shower is tomorrow. I have to be there at 7:30. Ahhhhhhhh!


This should totally be in Soap Box.

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