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Pimples On Belly?

Guest ayimera

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Guest ayimera

I searched around on the forums a bit and can see this seems like a common problem. I think our girl has pimples in her crotch area (between her thighs)? I'll link to the picture instead of post it... I know it can be kinda gross lol. Should I just clean the area or try to... pop them? She lets me mess around down there but she's kind of a cry baby when it comes to any sort of pain.


Here is the picture: http://imgur.com/j85g5oZ

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Those look more like ant bites to me.


I had one dog with pimples (blackheads) and I have three teenage girls with acne. I don't pop or mess with any of them.


The dog wasn't self conscious about it but the kids got some face wash.

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Guest FloridaGirl

Claymore has pimples/blackheads on his naked hams. They are not inflamed or anything, just bumpies. However, in a creasy area like that I'd second tbhounds' suggestion of cleaning, drying, and applying antibacterial ointment. If you don't have a variety of things, try a few swipes of witch hazel or rubbing alcohol twice daily to see if that helps reduce the redness.

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I'm not sure those are the usual pimples on bellies. Perhaps some insect bites. Typically that's not the area where blackheads etc. live. I've often used a spritz of colloidal silver in the area to reduce infection and dry up the area.

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