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Extreme Leg Shaking

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Franny just turned 11 at the end of February. So she is no spring chicken anymore. I think time/age is catching up to her :(. Her rear legs shake so hard when she is standing it's starting to really worry me. I noticed today that it is also starting to happen with her front too. Along with the shaking she stumbles on her walks also. Does anyone have experience with this? Thoughts? Advice? My baby girl is worrying me.

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Oh dear, that's no good. I'm dealing with LS in Kasey right now, but I'm not sure if it affects the front legs, or that it affects the girls as much as the boys.


I'd recommend chiro. She might be able to benefit a great deal from some relief of the muscles in her back?

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I had a neurologist tell me it's called essential nerve tremors. It's a benign condition kinda compared to a mild form of Parkinson's disease.

If your hounds symptoms came on acutely and is progessing quickly you should have her seen. Your vet could check her for pain and possibly recommend medication.

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Guest Scouts_mom

I'd have her checked by a neurologist or at least a vet so you have an idea of what the problem is. However if surgery or an MRI is recommended (some neurologists seem to think everything can be solved with surgery) I'd work with an acupuncturist and perhaps a chiropractor first. My Tia had shakey legs and the neurologist was talking surgery. I went to an acupuncturist first and it did the trick.

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Every once in a while Rona (11 next month) will insist on trying to keep up with Nova (3) and will come in with one back leg shaking like crazy. I get her to lay down and give her a gentle massage which seems to help. But, her's is brought on by too much exercise.

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Not to worry you more - but my grey was recently diagnosed with kidney disease. She's 11. When I did research I noticed a bunch of symptoms that I didn't realize were symptoms. One of them was hind end weakness and shaking. Has she had bloodwork done lately? It might not be a terrible idea to check her BUN and creatinin levels.

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