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Need Quick Advice

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I'm 99% out the door to the ER vet..


I took Chance to get a check up and Lyme shot yesterday. Fast forward, he's been having issues sitting and laying down. I thought the shot caused soreness possible. Well it's 4am now and his inner thigh is all red, he's shaking, and I believe in pain. He can stand on it but laying is difficult.


ER visit or try Bennadryl and pain med?

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I'm late to respond, but I would go to the e-vet to have him checked out. How is he doing now?

THANK YOU for your response. I did go to the e-vet. It's a reaction to the shot. He got a shot of Benadryl & I guess I'll see how he is in a few hours.

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ER. Yes lyme shots can cause a reaction.

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