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Tumor, Seizures And A Topic Im Not Sure I'm Ready For

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Guest IndyHound

Starting late 2013 Beckett began to have seizures. When the first one (that I noticed) happened it was a full on grand mal seizure. I immediately called the vet and was told not to bring him in one seizure isn't a huge deal. This seemed ludicrous to me so I called my friend who is a vet (sadly she's on the other side of the country) and she said the opposite take him in and draw labs. We've since switched vets and the new one has been fantastic. Since then hes been on phenobarbital but has still been having seizures. I know hes had them while I've been at work. He's crated and never under normal circumstances will go in his crate. And I've come home to find he's urinated and defecated in his crate several times.


The Vet seems to think he has a tumor and that we are running the natural course. Being that Im a paramedic he tends to be a bit more candid with me on the medical side than with most people. But this last seizure nearly broke my heart. His body wouldn't respond and he was trying to scoot to me using only his head to move across the floor. Most of the time hes great but we've both become wary of these seizures. And I'm scared he's going to have one and not come out of it. Or that he's going to become defensive and bite me or someone else.


So my questions are this. Has anyone had experience with this? My family seems to think hes suffering and its time to let him go. But he and I are still having a lot of good days. And I don't think its fair to hold off if he suffering. But I also believe its not fair to cheat him out of what quality time he has left.

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How old is he? And is he on anti-seizure meds? If not, I think he needs to be. I'm sure other folks with seizure dogs will chime in here.


Epilepsy in dogs usually sets in between the ages of 3-7. If he was older than 7 when the seizures started, that might be why the vet is thinking "tumor."


Why don't you post his age, and list any meds he's on. That'll give other people more info. Good luck.

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I have a seizure dog and have been dealing with it for 4 years - she has GM seizures and she clusters (more than 1 in 24 hours).


If you are not already seeing a neurologist, then get an appointment with one (non negotiable, you need a neurologist). Make sure you keep track of all the seizures (date, time, and changes in household products used, new foods and so on).


Seizure dogs can have a seizure and then have another one too quickly afterwards which can cause "status" (non-stop seizures). The key is to make sure that you have rectal valium (or something similar) that you give after the first seizure is over to make sure the 2nd is not too soon after the 1st.


After a seizure, give a little bit of ice cream (good brand that uses real sugar). The ice cream helps to normalize the blood sugar because the convulsions use much energy and the coldness also seems to help calm them.


I understand the seizures can be tough will they are going on but, most times they do end and the dog will be fine afterwards.


There are a few other seizure dogs on the forum, hopefully they will chime in too.


Lastly, if it was a tumor, it usually becomes evident after about 1 to 1 12/ years. If you do go to a neurologist, you really don't have to have the expensive tests like MRI and Spinal (unless you have insurance that covers it) as it does not seem to make much difference in the treatment options that you would likely pursue. For example, most people may not opt for brain surgery.



edited to add ... the dog is not suffering .. maybe disorientated after coming out of a seizure but, not suffering.

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I have no personal experience with seizures, but try reaching out to Judy (TheFullHouse). Her precious boy Saint had horrible seizures that they were able to get under control with quite a bit of effort.


Sending prayers for Beckett.

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Second the advice to get into treatment with a good canine neurologist. The treatment of seizures in dogs is changing very rapidly with using off-label human meds, both by themselves and in conjunction with other anti-seizure and anti-convulsants. A general practice vet just can't keep up with the load of information, no matter how good they are - you need a specialist for this.


Seizures are somewhat horrifying to watch, but remember that your dog is not aware of what's going on during one. And afterward, once he recovers, he's not thinking about it at all.


You *can* increase his quality of life, but you need help to do so.

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I don't know if this link will be of any help, but it can't hurt http://www.canineepilepsy.co.uk


My angel Scully had epilepsy so I know how awful it can be, sending best wishes to you and Beckett.

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