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Wandering At Night & Peeing Inside

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Hi everyone,


I adopted a greyhound about two weeks, in the past week or so he's been wandering around at night and waking everyone up but there doesn't seem to be anything he needs or wants. He's also peed inside the house twice even though we take him about before bed. I was wondering if anyone knew why he would start this behaviour now and if there's any way to correct it.



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Sounds to me like he is telling you he needs to go again.

We have always done a walk right before bed, that way I know Jack is completely empty (both ways!) when we go to bed. We never had an accident at night. Maybe you can try that? Male often hold reserves to mark and maybe since it has been two weeks, he may want to start marking so he holds a reserve for later. Ours took a couple of weeks to start marking and now he holds more and more so we really need to empty him with a walk when we are leaving for longer periods of time or before bedtime.

For the wandering, we keep ours closed in the bedroom with us. There is nothing to do and nowhere to go, so he just sleeps! :)

Good luck, let us know how it goes!

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he has been crated his entire life and that type of freedom is new and he hasn't been taught any manners yet.


do you have a crate? can you borrow one. establishing good habits is what he needs in order to become a good canine citizen. read up on house breaking a dog even though he's not a puppy chronoligically he really is. premier, the collar maker has an excellent book/cd package on training your new dog, amazon has it. they also describe and show you the tether method- you keep the dog on lead in the house near you at all times, you can establish good habits(no marking,stealing things, etc) and that leads into future freedom. the book/cd also has an excellent praise routine for potty training your dog. i've had dogs for over 40 years, 8 years ago it was given to me as a gift when i adopted my 7 week old greyhound pup and i've shared it since with many friends who found it very helpful.


limitation of space

praise when pottying

keeping him close to you

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