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Diana Is Obnoxious To My Friend

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My friend K loves my grey, Diana. She loved my bridge-dog Sobe, and has loved all my fosters. She's my "go-to" caretaker when we go away for a weekend to take care of my dogs. She's never had a greyhound of her own, but she knows all about them.


My Diana is a VERY friendly outgoing girl. She's never met a human that she didn't want to love up on, and expect to get affection back. But, she will curb and not be pushy if people aren't into it. With K, it's becoming different.


When K comes to our house, once per week, we sit at the kitchen table. Diana comes up to K for pets. Now it's gotten to the point where Diana NEVER goes away. She's constantly nudging at K for pets - for hours. I've given Diana chew treats. That used to occupy her. Now - she'll take a chew and come back in a few minutes. K now will cross her arms and say "DIANA GO" (on my advice). She'll wander off for a while then come back. It's obnoxious.


It's like she's fixated on this woman! I may have messed it up by giving her chews or treats to distract her. And I swear Diana gets PLENTY of attention for her family.


What do I do to not make Diana pester K constantly?



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Guest Amber

I expect K gave her reinforcement (attention) for quite a while, before you both realised that Diana was becoming a bit pushy.


Totally ignoring her ie carrying on with your conversation and acting as if Diana is not there (no eye contact, no verbal response, no arm folding....no nothing) will be giving her no attention at all for the arm nudging and if you stick to this consistently, then Diana should give up on the behaviour - eventually. It may get a bit worse before it ceases, after all, it always worked before to get her attention. BUT if you try total ignoring for a while and K then rewards the attention seeking again, Diana will think aha that worked! And try even harder to seek attention. So it's something you would need to stick to and may take time to work.


That said i feel that Diana as she loves your friend should be greeted and loved on by K on K's terms. Maybe do this in a different place from the table where you chat so as not to confuse, but K can give Diana a few mins attention when she arrives but when you are busy, Diana learns to go settle down by ignoring her and not rewarding her.


i think it would be more productive to give D a kong in her bed after the initial greeting/attention but before any pestering, so that is showing her what to do, instead of pestering.


If all else fails, simply shut her in another room with her kong.

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