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Raw Feeders - I've Conquered My Biggest Challenge

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Green tripe.


The only way I could get it here was in a freeze dried form. Perhaps I should have been warned when I opened the package and a smell wafted out. Four greyhound noses appeared at the bench and I was transported back to my time in dairies. Following the direction on the packet, I scooped 2.5 scoops out and put it in a bowl. The smell got stronger and I was grateful that DH is away.


Then I added some hot water.


At this point, Hermon and Benny exited the kitchen.


Feeling somewhat lightheaded, I waited for the water to absorb and opened the windows and door. I then added the tripe to their dinner where it mingled with the chicken and sweet potato. The smell did not improve. While the dogs ate, I scrubbed the bench down and washed the bowl.


The smell started to dissipate.


I then ate some of my dinner.


At which point Benny and Paige both walked up and burped in my face.


I ask myself, is it worth it?

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Let us know! It's always mind-boggling that to some pups tripe is considered a delicacy, then you think about what they choose to eat :puke and you have to just scratch your head :lol

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It is very much worth it and you never get used to the smell :hehe

My dogs get a little tripe everyday. They have both been on antibiotics for one reason or another and I was told by the vet the meds could, they said would, cause diarrhea. I upped the tripe and no diarrhea!

What will dh say though?

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I understand :sick

I feed fresh frozen portion that I give still frozen to the pups in the yard ;) (so not green tripe during the winter months ;) )

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Welcomebtobthe special club. We're in the fresh frozen group as well. I will say it helps greatly to feed it frozen or nearly frozen. The rare times when I've let it defrost past that point I'm reminded of why I should be more careful. :P


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Guest Johberry

Thanks for sharing your experience. Have only been able to get the canned stuff (Tripett). Will remember to ask local butchers for fresh, frozen, or even freeze-dried. Didn't even know it's available in freeze-dried form.

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