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Licking Underside Of Tail

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Cooper has been licking the underside of her tail for a couple of days. I cleaned it up with first aid wash and wrapped it in gauze and vet wrap (that stayed on all of 5 minutes until I turned my back.) I then applied some neo-predef powder I had from a butt licking incident that cleared up when combined with some antibiotics. Could this be indicative of anal gland issues as someone suggested?


I know there is a gland back there (per Wikipedia, the "violet gland" or "supracaudal") but that is on the outside and upper part of the tail. Even so, could this be the culprit and if so, what is done about it?


Is a vet visit in order here?

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Check those anal glands.

:nod They probably need to be expressed. And yes, you want your vet to do that. :P


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Yes, indeed, the anal glands were to blame. Took Coop to the vet today, on the advice of this wonderful site. Of course, the first thing she did upon arrival home was lay down for a good look-see-lick but I hope the urge goes away now that her coffers are empty.Thank you, all, especially TBHounds and NeylasMom!

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I'm going through the same thing with my boy.



The first time, I had to have his anal glands expressed twice (about a week apart) before he got full relief. But it's been a few months later, and he's licking again. Maybe some dogs just need it done on a regular basis? Who knows.

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