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I Am Fostering And Now My Dog Is Acting Up

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I have had a foster since the beginning of February. My dog has been okay with it and is showing her the ways of being a dog. A few naughty things have happened which I blamed on the foster, since my dog has always been basically perfect. Well yesterday I was at an adoption event with the foster all day, I came home with a second short-term foster as well, and came home to find my unmentionables strewn about and... *gag* super soggy wet. So now I am positive it's my dog being naughty. I am guessing that aside from spending extra time and love on my dog and reinforcing her training it's just something I have to deal with?

Missing my bridge greys Opal and Eden and cat Bailey. Mom to Missy the Super Mutt and recent foster failure of Miley to mini-mutt.

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My 2 DON'T do well with fosters. They just don't like having their space interrupted, their routines interrupted or my attention taken. And, quite frankly, I don't do well with fosters either. I love them, but 3 dogs is a lot to manage. I've decided to help my rescue group in other ways.


However, my guess is your dog is crying out for attention and feeling a little like a grumpy child whose parents just brought home a new little brother or sister. Maybe take her out for a walk on her own and give her some "alone" time. And, it might not hurt to start crating again until she can be trusted again. And, retraining.


Good luck.

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