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I know this topic has been covered before, but I just got freaked out because not only does Connie have dry looking patches on her sides under her arms, but really scaly skin on her back too! Her coat is oily and rather sparse. She's black, I don't know if that makes a difference, but she's definitely the only hound I've had with this kind of skin.

So far, I've tried using Missing Link in her food for about a month. It's helped a little. I've finally found food that makes her poop really good, so I'm reluctant to start messing around with that again. But, maybe another supplement?

Has anyone else ever had a hound with such scaly skin? Any suggestions?



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As CharlieRhea said is it all the time? or just a seasonal thing? I know my Aidan normally has a beautiful coat free of dandruff and flakes but recently with this horrible cold weather and then coming into a warm house his skin is taking a beating just like mine. I'm hoping it will get better when it starts to warm up outside. Has Connie been scratching or licking those spots at all?

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