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"momma Sea Bird" /jc's Sea Bird 3/16/2000-2/23/2015


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Momma Sea Bird finally got FREE Monday Feb 23rd at ~1645 hours. Yes, there was no more pain either, but for her the simple state of being FREE-of having freedom over her own life- I know that overshadowed even the pain relief.


Momma Sea is what they called her on the farm and if you call “Momma” she would come a runnin’-fast! Because she was so lovely she also went by Momma Sea Bird. Beautiful name for a beautiful lady. Funny thing that. You think of a Sea Bird and you envision a beautiful bird flying over the surface “FREE as a bird” as the saying goes. And Momma more than any craved freedom and was terribly hurt when she had none for so many years. I think that is why she ran so fast-it was the only opportunity she had to drink in the freedom that she needed-that she cherished so.


She first arrived as a foster. I had adopted one of her daughters, Bobber, and when Momma came up for placement I arranged to foster her. I already had 1 broodie named Aggie who was very special. Next thing you know Aggie crosses over at 14 ½ years old. Now one of Aggie’s messages and talking points was to encourage the adoption of senior hounds. She was so surprised and happy when I adopted her at 11 years old. She said she didn’t know a life that good even existed for a greyhound and wanted me to adopt and take care of another broodie -we both knew she was talking about Momma- so they could also enjoy the wonderful life she had enjoyed since I had adopted her. I knew that would be the best way to honor Aggie as well. So I adopted Momma!


And as I’m looking at the paperwork my jaw drops. Aggie had sent me an unmistakable sign voicing her approval as it turned out Aggie AND Momma had the SAME birthdate!!! That was not a coincidence it was a flat out miracle. Out of the hundreds of thousands of greyhounds born in that time frame the first 2 broodies I adopted had the exact same birthday. Aggie's was 3-16-96 and Momma 3-16-2000. The odds of the same person adopting 2 greyhounds with a different pedigree from different places in different years and then them having the same birthday is astronomical-but it is the power of love.


Momma Sea Bird arrived fresh off the farm at 10 years old and she enjoyed running and getting toys out of the toy box to scatter around and occasionally even had a morning bout of mad greyhound disease, where she would get real frisky and put her butt down low and spin in circles and romp! She was playful and delightfully mischievous. One night she (and I) got a big kick out of her dragging/pulling a large fleece bed completely out of a kennel-just for fun. It was such a joy watching her play with squeaky stuffies and she would “kill” a stuffie-especially a screaming monkey- if the mood struck! She really enjoyed chewing on old marrow bones and nylabones. You never knew what she might take from anywhere in her reach and carry to her bed- Vetrap rolls, paper towels, scissors, door stop rocks, flip flops-anything she could reach might be collected and placed in her bed.


When she first arrived she immediately claimed the sofa and bed but just as quickly abandoned them. She always slept on a fleece bed beside my bed- even when she got real old and her plumbing started to leak. Since the bedroom is carpeted I had to move her (I thought) to her x-pen at night. She simply did not accept this. The very vocal Momma demanded she be allowed to sleep once again in her regular bed beside the rest of her pack or nobody would sleep. And I explained things to her and as God is my witness I don’t know how she managed it but she never had another accident in there. Remarkably she would get up-sometimes several times a night-and wolf to go out when necessary.


Momma was a very vocal girl and would make this combination wine/sigh raspy wolf-kind of a aaaaarr-uph! She would wine/moan over anything and everything-when she wanted to eat; when she wanted anything and sometimes when she was just wanting to have some freedom that had been taken away from her. As she got older and lost more and more of everything she wined and groaned more and more. The pain in her hips increased and increased. The meds and pain pills came and then the dosage increased. The vet said her hips were as bad as, if not worse than, any she had ever seen. So she no longer had any desire to pick up a toy or play or be mischieveous. It HURT her losing all this and she would bemoan it by voicing her dismay. In fact some of the most basic things hurt so bad she couldn’t do it. It was heart wrenching to see her fight through pain to lay down and then have to jump right back up because it hurt even more to lay down. Then as the hind end got weaker and it sank lower and lower…and standing was a problem and laying down was a problem…no wonder she sometimes felt like she did.


Momma beating her daughter:



Happily flying high:



Momma had been a fast and very successful AA racer. Those were her glory days and Sea Bird would fly along with the wind in her face. No one could catch her! And she was courageous and would dig down deep and run even faster when challenged. “Drew away Str/ Quick Command/ All the Way/ Fine Finish, Ins/ Broke to Command/ Full Command/ Stretch Victory/ Rushed Up, held/ Won by a head/ Impressive Win/ Box to Wire/ Held On, Inside” ---these were the comments from her race record. She started at least 80 times. Then she was retired to the farm for breeding and this is where for her-her little world fell apart. She never experienced true freedom ever again and the day in and day out prison like confinement and puppy making just emotionally drained her. She said she felt sooooo trapped. Nothing but the physical necessities of life to reproduce in a confined environment. She actually worried about the 52 puppies she had-she said she didn’t want them to have to go through what she did and the thought of them being in a similar situation saddened her.


As debilitating and cruel as old age treated her she NEVER lost the desire or capability of RUNNING. When I would be out in the yard she would ‘buzz’ me and gallop a couple of strides while smiling at me toward or around me. At the end it was just a couple of strides but they were very happy strides and the happiness she shared with me when she’d buzz me like that was quite powerful. Sometimes she appeared a little discombobulated but she was running nonetheless-running pretty fast actually-and able to take in the little bit of freedom it still afforded her. In fact she never stopped running. This was one love of hers that she did not allow age to take from her. Even up to the bitter end she somehow would manage to keep those big ol’ long wobbly legs untangled and she would run- not real fast- but clearly a pretty decent run. And just to emphasize the point she always would jump the 2 porch steps up to the door!!! And yes I worried about the possibility of falling-she had painfully fallen when not running on more than one occasion- but I could not stop her short of leashing her and I frankly couldn’t do that. I wouldn’t do that. I refused to take that away from her. That was pretty much the last remaining thing in her life that she derived any real joy from. That little short potty run to and fro and the occasional buzz happy run she enjoyed so immensely-certainly nothing else in her life was that enjoyable to her-and I honestly figured that should I deprive her of it then she would certainly just wither and die. IMO she needed that run- and the fulfillment and the sense of pride and wellbeing it gave her- she needed it probably more than she needed her meds.


There were times she would be clearly frustrated and would voice it. She HATED confinement of any kind and while she never resisted the necessary kenneling and handling she clearly didn’t like it. As time went on and we got to know each other much better I eventually understood. She was honestly the most discontent critter that has ever been a part of my family. She really just never got over the negative emotions she experienced while being a broodie. She wasn’t bitter, but she was frustrated, disappointed, a little angry, and so hoping her babies had a better life than she had lived. I guess in human terms you would call it a rant. While I tried to make it up to her as best I could in the time she had left she just could never put the frustration she had experienced as a broodie behind her. Nothing I did or could do would soothe her. Momma just needed a little freedom. She had tasted it when she ran-when she flew in the wind like a Sea Bird- and it pained her that life had allowed her to enjoy so little of it. Yes she could still enjoy some of the freedoms and privileges of being a beloved pet but she never forgot or could shake off the frustrations from what happened in the biggest part of her life to that point-and the more that old age took from her the more acutely she missed it. So while all the other hounds would be contentedly snoozing she would be standing up looking discontent and making that ar-ugh noise-kind of a combination between a whine and a groan.


World Class Happy Rooing:



She was a champion rooer and rooed often and loud when she was a young 10-12. She was beautiful when she would roo. It was sooo perfect and she would stand so pretty with the tail artfully curled between her legs and her neck up and beautiful head in the air. Never had I seen or heard such a beautiful roo. But then as she got older and things got worse she no longer felt the joyous urge like she had so that too decreased.


Initially she was actually a good watch dog and would alert and bark loud and vigorously if she seen something strange. Then eventually she lost that too and was basically unawares.


She never did lose her broodie knowledge of how to keep younger dogs in line and for that I am so grateful. Up to the very end all the other dogs-even the working Belgian Malinois-knew “you didn’t mess with Momma!” If the pack got a little too wild around her she would let out a powerful bark and message and set them straight-no intervention required on my part.


One of her most endearing traits which thankfully also remained until the end was that she would come up to you and take her nose and poke and prod and stick it between your arm and your body etc. until you pet her. Or she’ll surprise you by coming up behind you and sticking her nose between your arm and your side to love you. She continued to ‘poke’ me until the very end. I will miss it so. Maybe she will visit and do it again in spirit. At the end though it was different. Age stole a major part of that from her too. Initially there was a happy playful quality to it, but at the end that was replaced by a ‘please comfort me’ ‘please hold me’ quality instead. It was kind of sad in that aspect but it still felt good to love on each other.


One day 3 of her children were also needing a foster home in order to get out of FL and on to a forever home. Well seeing how exceptionally sweet and wonderful her and her daughter Bobber were of course I fostered all 3 right away while they had their chance. They all arrived at the same time and Momma stayed mostly back in her bedroom the first 2 days! She thought ‘oh no they’re back!’ But then the pack stabilized and everybody enjoyed their special spot in it. Momma Sea Bird also had that typical broodie stubbornness that I have learned to cherish.


Of all her kids she was closest to Bobber since they were able to live together for several years. Bobber loved her Mom and always did little random acts of kindness to Momma that she didn't do to anybody else-like give Momma her bully stick etc. They often were together-just spending time together and Bobber is clearly saddened and misses her Mom now.


Momma sent me a couple signs to reassure me. So easy to think of an excuse and to refuse to see what was right in front of you. I told her I needed her help to make such a decision-that I wanted to do what SHE wanted-just let me know. Around an hour later I just happened to see one of “Slim’s rainbow” pictures on the screen saver that ‘randomly’ shows pictures. I kind of froze. Slim my soulmate who crossed in 2006 has occasionally sent me rainbows. He made it very clear they were special rainbows from him. When Minny was laying on my living room floor in 2011 immediately before the vet freed him from his sick body Slim’s rainbow flashed up on the computer screen. Out of the thousands of pictures that is the one that came up at that time. I knew it wasn’t a coincidence. Slim was telling us that he would be waiting at the bridge for Minny. So there I was thinking hmmmmm. THEN the next picture is one of Momma with her mouth up and her head in the air like she is talking-and I’m thinking WOW…THEN the NEXT thing I see is what is written on the TV in the background of the picture…it said “FREE ME SO book” then it was replaced by an unrelated picture. I told her I got her message.


The pain and disability from those formerly powerful hips just got too extensive and the drugs couldn’t fix it. The vet told me what I already knew- that it was just going to get worse. I tried so hard to ignore it -I kept thinking about what a pawsome celebration we were going to have on March 16 when she turned 15!!! but it was not to be- I just love her so very much that I had to be strong for her and do what had to be done. I told her I would always be there for her-I done my best to do that.


MOMMA LEFT WITH DIGNITY JUST AS SHE HAD LIVED. She will always be a classy lady. She always enjoyed just standing- maybe forever- while you stroked her pretty face and admired her beautiful soft eyes and savoured her love. In her eyes you could see the wisdom of the ages and love and understanding in its purest form. I think it would be impossible not to love her. Until the bitter end she would fly over the ground soaring through the air and enjoy the freedom- and pride- that it gave her. FLY FREE my sweetest MOMMA SEABIRD. FLY FREE & FAST SWEET BABY. We will always love you and cherish the lessons you have taught us. I still will always be here for you as I know you are for me on the other side.

Our love will ever grow stronger: “For love is as strong as death….
Many waters cannot quench love,
Nor can the floods drown it.”
Song of Solomon 8:6-7

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I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful and very special girl.


Godspeed, sweetie.

Star aka Starz Ovation (Ronco x Oneco Maggie*, litter #48538), Coco aka Low Key (Kiowa Mon Manny x Party Hardy, litter # 59881), and mom in Illinois
We miss Reko Batman (Trouper Zeke x Marque Louisiana), 11/15/95-6/29/06, Rocco the thistledown whippet, 04/29/93-10/14/08, Reko Zema (Mo Kick x Reko Princess), 8/16/98-4/18/10, the most beautiful girl in the whole USA, my good egg Joseph aka Won by a Nose (Oneco Cufflink x Buy Back), 09/22/2003-03/01/2013, and our gentle sweet Gidget (Digitizer, Dodgem by Design x Sobe Mulberry), 1/29/2006-11/22/2014, gone much too soon. Never forgetting CJC's Buckshot, 1/2/07-10/25/10.

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I'm so very sorry. She was a very special girl.


Godspeed Momma Sea Bird.

Standard Poodle Daisy (12/13); Greys Hildy (Braska Hildy 7/10), Toodles (BL Toodles 7/09), Opal (Jax Opal 7/08)
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

Jan with precious pups Emmy (Stormin J Flag) and Simon (Nitro Si). Missing my angels: Bailey Buffetbobleclair 11/11/98-17/12/09; Ben Task Rapid Wave 5/5/02-2/11/15; Brooke Glo's Destroyer 7/09/06-21/06/16 and Katie Crazykatiebug 12/11/06 -21/08/21. My blog about grief The reality is that you will grieve forever. You will not get over the loss of a loved one; you will learn to live with it. You will rebuild yourself around the loss you have suffered. You will be whole again but you will never be the same. Nor should you be the same, nor would you want to. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

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What a lovely tribute for a very special girl.


Hada the podenco maneta, Georgie Girl (UMR Cordella), Lulu the podenco andaluz, Rita the podenco maneta
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I'm so very sorry for your loss.

...............Chase (FTH Smooth Talker), Morgan (Cata), Reggie (Gable Caney), Rufus
(Reward RJ). Fosters check in, but they don't check out.
Forever loved -- Cosmo (System Br Mynoel), March 11, 2002 - October 8, 2009.
Miss Cosmo was a lady. And a lady always knows when to leave.

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What a beautiful tribute for your special girl. :grouphug


Enjoy your freedom Momma Sea Bird. :gh_run


When a relationship of love is disrupted, the relationship does not cease. The love continues; therefore, the relationship continues. The work of grief is to reconcile and redeem life to a different love relationship. ~ W Scott Lineberry

Always Greyhounds Home Boarding and Greyhounds With Love House Sitting

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How well you understood each other. I am so very sorry for the loss of your most special girl. :grouphug

Old Dogs are the Best Dogs. :heartThank you, campers. Current enrollees:  Punkin. Annie Oooh M. 

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:paw Upon reflection, our lives are often referenced in parts defined by the all-too-short lives of our dogs.

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I'm so sorry you had to say goodbye to your special girl. :grouphug

Cynthia, & Cristiano, galgo
Always in my heart: Frostman
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"It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life, gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are." -- Unknown

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So very sorry for the loss of your special Momma.

Remember all those good times.....


Nancy...Mom to Sid (Peteles Tiger), Kibo (112 Carlota Galgos).   Missing Casey, Gomer, Mona, Penelope, BillieJean, Bandit, Nixon (Starz Sammie),  Ruby (Watch Me Dash) Nigel (Nigel), and especially little Mario, waiting at the Bridge.




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