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Fibrcartilageonous Embolic Myelopathy


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My Cinnibuns is unable to walk.....I am beside myself. Options were take her to Pittsburgh or Cleveland for neuro consult.......can't afford....take to the e-vet and have them keep her for the weekend....it costs $150 to walk through the door......so can't afford that either. I do have care credit but already owe $800 with $1300 limit.....so not an option there either. Rather than have her put down, I brought her home and will do my best to take care of he for as long as I can. This really stinks.....vet thinks that maybe she threw a blood clot and something is presssing on her spine. She is not in pain, vet doesn't think it was a stroke because she doesn't find the usual symptoms....she is aware of everything just doesn't understand why she can't walk. Wish us luck....we need all we can get.

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Shanti was at the vet Wednesday with similar issues. $800 later and I'm not done so I feel your pain! Vet suspected a FCE. What I was told in FCE is it subsides as the blockage breaks up. They will improve in time. Physical therapy is what is recommended if you look it up. There is an absence of pain with it. They recommended a mri, neurologist and now ultrasound and cardiologist for my girl. I'm doing what I can, but I am working with limited resources as well. Had this happened a week ago, I'd be dead in the water. :(


Hope your baby improves!!!

The Girls

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I'm sorry, I know just how scary this is. Doodles collapsed on Dec 3, I also thought she'd had a stroke and was dying. She wasn't in any pain, but she was very scared and could not walk. Some friends came to my house to help me get her down the walkway and into the car. She was very dehydrated from panic panting when we got there, so they put her on fluids right away and did an xray. The xray was clear, mercifully there was nothing in her lungs and nothing showed up that wasn't supposed to be there. The next morning she was assigned to a neurologist at the hospital, I talked to him on the phone the morning after she arrived, he told me we could do an MRI, etc, but that if it was really an FCE it may or may not be decisive, that it would be $2500 and that we'd have to put her under to do it. I told him I didn't think it was prudent and, fortunately, he agreed. He said that time would tell if it was an FCE, because she would most likely recover from that - that if if it was an FCE, she would be able to walk to some degree in a few days.


I knew my Care Credit was going to be maxed out quickly as my amount was not large enough to cover an extended hospital stay, so I called the next morning and asked to have the credit line increased, which they did through an automated system, it took less than 5 minutes. You might want to try that, too.


She was in the doggy ICU for 8 days, she began walking (wobbling) there on about day 4 or 5 and on day 8, I put her in a Help Me Up harness and she walked (wobbled) out of the hospital and to my car. I left the harness on her for several days, it helped me help steady her to go outside, etc.


If you are going to keep her at home it is imperative that she be moved from one side to the other at least once every 4 hours, to keep her from developing painful bedsores and to keep everything moving.


Here is the GT thread about Doodles FCE and her recovery.


She's almost 100% now. The most dramatic thing that helped was the use of a cold laser. She responded to that very very quickly. My vet also did acupuncture, but it was the cold laser that really made the difference. She's back to her happy self, pouncing on her toys, going up and down the stairs outside and the terraces in my yard. I don't let her jump out of the car, I probably won't ever let her do that again.


Sending good thoughts to your girl, Cinnibuns and to Jennie's Shanti. Please keep us posted.

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Cinnibuns had a rough night. she was very distressed due to not being able to get up and go and also because she peed in the house. I have a special place set up for her and have bowel and bladder functions taken care of. You know, you do what you gotta due for our babies. We turned her every two hours or so...unless she was asleep but she was never more than 4 hours in one position. As for the adoption group, I don't have much faith in them and in fact went to Wheeling Downs to get Cinnibuns. I'm on my own here, my sister came to stay for a few days to help. I will be reporting in our the vet in the morning to update. At this point Cinnibuns has been down a bit over 24 hours. Hope to see some progress soon. She does try to get up but the legs just don't work. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

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:hope Sending healing thoughts for your sweet girl. Keep us posted.

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